The most beautiful waterfall in North America

The best of the North American waterfalls

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The most beautiful waterfall in North America
Inserted: 19.01.2019

In North America, you will find a variety of spectacular waterfalls, among which the most famous in the world – Niagara falls. Come to see where you find the most beautiful of them

Niagara Falls

The most famous waterfalls of the world

| Altitude: 170 m / 558 ft

Only 52 meters high waterfall at the Canadian-American border is considered the most famous and the most… continue reading

Yosemite waterfall

Great attraction in Yosemite

| Altitude: 2 020 m / 6 627 ft

Yosemite waterfall with a height of 739 meters are among the highest in the world. It is located in the heart… continue reading

Agua Azul waterfalls

Mexico's most famous waterfalls

| Altitude: 210 m / 689 ft

Agua Azul are certainly the most famous Mexican waterfalls and almost all tourists traveling around the state… continue reading

Lower Falls Waterfall

Yellowstone icon

| Altitude: 2 271 m / 7 451 ft

The nearly 100 meters high waterfall of Lower Falls is the famous Yellowstone icon and the second most… continue reading

Montmorency Fall

The most famous waterfall in Quebec

| Altitude: 58 m / 190 ft

At the northeastern end of Quebec, you will find the most famous waterfall of this province – Chute… continue reading

Misol Ha Waterfall

Waterfall where they filmed Predator

| Altitude: 263 m / 863 ft

Not far from the city of Palenque, there are not only the world-famous Aqua Azul cascades, but also the very… continue reading

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