The most beautiful sights of Portugal

The best of Portugal's sights

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The most beautiful sights of Portugal
Inserted: 05.02.2021
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In Portugal, you will find a number of interesting monuments not only in the two most important cities of the country – Lisbon and Porto. There are beautiful castles, magnificent monasteries and picturesque villages. Let's see where you will find the most beautiful and interesting sights of Portugal

Jerónimos Monastery

The largest portuguese monastery

| Altitude: 14 m / 46 ft

Monasterio de los Jerónimos – The Jeronimos Monastery is situated in the suburb of Lisbon in Belém. It is an… continue reading

Pena Palace

Royal Palace in Sintra

| Altitude: 476 m / 1 562 ft

Pena Palace (Palácio Nacional da Pena) is one of the most important romantic buildings in Europe. He is… continue reading

Castle Castelo de Óbidos

The most famous portuguese castle

| Altitude: 65 m / 213 ft

Óbidos is a really beautiful town, where is a really strong castle and miles of walls. The houses are either… continue reading

Castle Marvão

Castle near the border with Spain

| Altitude: 880 m / 2 887 ft

Marvão is not only nice castle, but also picturesque snow-white village built on a mesa a few hundred meters… continue reading

Sintra Palace

Palace of the Kings

| Altitude: 214 m / 702 ft

In Sintra you will find two royal palaces. Although the palace of Pena is more famous today, in the palace of… continue reading


The village between the boulders

| Altitude: 658 m / 2 159 ft

In the eastern part of Portugal, a short distance from the border with Spain, lies the village of Monsanto,… continue reading


Village hidden in the hills

| Altitude: 675 m / 2 215 ft

Piodão is a small village in the central part of Portugal. The terraced alleyways along with the stone walls… continue reading

Castelo de Vide

Fortified city at the border with Spain

| Altitude: 575 m / 1 886 ft

Castelo de Vide is a picturesque historic city just off the border with Spain. The white plastered houses… continue reading

Castelo de Belver

Castle above the River Tejo

| Altitude: 159 m / 522 ft

High above the Tejo River (the longest river on the Iberian peninsula) is built Castelo de Belver Castle.… continue reading

Amoreira Aqueduct

Wonderful water feeder

| Altitude: 289 m / 948 ft

The historic city of Elvas served as a mighty fortress on the main route between Madrid and Lisbon. The most… continue reading

Trade Square

The most beautiful square of Portugal

Altitude: 5 m / 16 ft

Praça do Comércio is not only a beautiful but also a unique square due to the fact that its southern part… continue reading

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