The most beautiful sights in Lhasa

The best of Lhasa

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The most beautiful sights in Lhasa
Inserted: 01.04.2023
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Lhasa, as the most important Tibetan city, offers one of the most important monuments in the whole world – the Potala. In addition to the impressive Potala, you can visit a number of other interesting monasteries here. The historic center of the city itself is also picturesque.

Potala Palce

The most famous monument in Tibet

| Altitude: 3 655 m / 11 991 ft

Potala Palace is the unmistakable symbol of Tibet in the capital of Lhasa. It is also a monastery and the… continue reading

Monastery of Sera

One of the three most important monasteries in Tibet

Altitude: 3 675 m / 12 057 ft

Sera Monastery (3,700m above sea level) is one of the three most important university Gelupka /Buddhist… continue reading


Summer residence of the Dalai Lamas

The Dalai Lama's summer residence, Norbulingka, is more than 2.5 kilometers from Potala along busy roads. It… continue reading

Jokhang Temple

The Most Holy Temple of Tibet

| Altitude: 3 658 m / 12 001 ft

The Jokhang Temple, located in the historic center of Lhasa in Barkhor Square, is considered to be the… continue reading

Palpa Lupuk Monastery

Monastery at the sacred mountain Chokpori

Altitude: 3 667 m / 12 031 ft

One of the very nice buildings in Lhasa is the Palpa Lupuk Monastery stuck on the rock of the sacred mountain… continue reading

Old Lhasa

The historic center of Lhasa

Altitude: 3 651 m / 11 978 ft

Old Lhasa is the historical center of Lhasa and basically such a center of Tibet. It is located around… continue reading

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