The most beautiful sights in Kashan

The best of Kashan

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The most beautiful sights in Kashan
Inserted: 28.04.2023
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Kashan is a famous historical city located only 250 kilometers from Tehran (on a good highway). Kashan is known for its sprawling old town, exhibition palaces and most importantly its famous bazaar. Let's take a look at the most famous and beautiful monuments of Kashan.

Agha Bozorg Mosque

The most important mosque in Kashan

Altitude: 941 m / 3 087 ft

One of the most important monuments of the city of Kashan, which is definitely worth a trip, is the beautiful… continue reading

Borujerdi Palace

The most beautiful palace in Kashan

Altitude: 947 m / 3 107 ft

Borujerdi Palace is one of the best-known and best-preserved monuments in Kashan. It is a house that was… continue reading

Bazaar in Kashan

Beautiful Persian bazaar

Altitude: 940 m / 3 084 ft

The bazaar in Kashan is one of the biggest attractions of the city. It is very vast, so you will spend a lot… continue reading

Tabatabaia Palace

A luxurious palace in Kashan

Altitude: 945 m / 3 100 ft

Among the frequently visited monuments in the city of Kashan are also the local exhibition palaces, which… continue reading

Mohtasham's Tomb

Tomb of a famous poet

Altitude: 1 578 m / 5 177 ft

Among the monuments in the ruins of the old city, Mohtasham's tomb, which was built in memory of the famous… continue reading

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