The most beautiful sights in Bishkek

The best of Bishkek

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The most beautiful sights in Bishkek
Inserted: 15.03.2022
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Bishkek cannot be said to be full of beautiful historical monuments, such as some of the cities in nearby Uzbekistan. Here you will find rather brutalist Stalinist architecture, which may also be interesting for some. So let's take a look at interesting places in Bishkek

The White House in Bishkek

The seat of the President of Kyrgyzstan

The White House in Bishkek is a typical example of Stalinist architecture that Bishkek literally overflows… continue reading

Bishkek Opera and Ballet Theater

The most beautiful building in Bishkek

The building of the Opera and Ballet Theater is definitely the most magnificent building in Bishkek.… continue reading

Ala-Too Square

Bishkek center

Ala-Too Square is considered the center of Bishkek. In the northern part of the square is the Historical… continue reading

Offer dried fruits and nuts

Historic shopping center in Bishkek

Altitude: 749 m / 2 457 ft

For lovers of dried fruits and nuts, it is literally a paradise – there is a lot of dried apricots, dates,… continue reading

State Historical Museum in Bishkek

The main building in Ala-Too Square

Altitude: 750 m / 2 461 ft

The center of Bishkek is Ala-Too Square, which is dominated by a huge building of the State Historical Museum… continue reading

Victory Square in Bishkek

Monument square

Altitude: 746 m / 2 448 ft

The eastern end of the city center is a large Victory Square with an area of about 400×150 meters. Wednesday… continue reading

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