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The most beautiful monuments of Lednice-Valtice

What to visit in the Lednice-Valtice area

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The most beautiful monuments of Lednice-Valtice
Inserted: 30.05.2021
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The Lednice-Valtice area is a unique composed area, perhaps the largest in the world. It is, of course, dominated by the castles in Lednice and Valtice. Apart from them, you will find a number of other interesting monuments – especially castles

Chateau Lednice

Pearl of South Moravia

| Altitude: 172 m / 564 ft

The Lednice chateau is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Czech castles and as part of the Lednice-Valtice… continue reading

Valtice Chateau

Baroque South Moravian jewel

| Altitude: 207 m / 679 ft

Valtice Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site within the Lednice-Valtice Complex. It is a picturesque… continue reading

Minaret Lednice

First minaret in Czech republic

Altitude: 164 m / 538 ft

Minaret Lednice is beautiful building 60 meters high. Serves as a lookout (it is not a church building). It… continue reading

Border chateau

Chateau on the former border of Austria and Moravia

Altitude: 169 m / 554 ft

Right at the western end of the Hlohovec pond, you will come across the picturesque Hraniční zámeček from the… continue reading

The Temple of Apollo

Beautiful empire monument

Altitude: 183 m / 600 ft

The chateau of the Temple of Apollo is built in such a way that it feels as if a piece of ancient Greece has… continue reading

At Jan's castle

Artificially created romantic ruin

Altitude: 161 m / 528 ft

Jan's Castle was exhibited as a romantic ruin in the local landscape. It is a popular destination for… continue reading

Hlohovec Šulaperk

An interesting cellar alley in Hlohovec

Altitude: 189 m / 620 ft

Hlohovec is a well-known wine-growing village in the picturesque region of the Lednice-Valtice area. For… continue reading

Pond chateau

View of the Central Pond

Altitude: 186 m / 610 ft

On the slope above Prostřední rybník you will find one of the many chateaux located in the area of the… continue reading

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