The most beautiful monuments of Guadix

What to visit and see in Guadix

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The most beautiful monuments of Guadix
Inserted: 02.02.2021
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Guadix is a small town north of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Thanks to the proximity of the A-92 motorway, it is very easily accessible (it lies only about 50 km east of Granada). In the city you will find a number of beautiful monuments, such as the cathedral, the castle and especially the cave dwellings, which attract the most visitors.

Cave dwellings in Guadix

One of Andalusia's greatest attractions

| Altitude: 960 m / 3 150 ft

One of Andalusia's largest attractions is the cave dwelling in Guadix. These dwellings were built in tufa… continue reading

Guadix Cathedral

The most magnificent building in the city

| Altitude: 920 m / 3 018 ft

Guadix Cathedral, together with the Alcazaba, is the most magnificent building in the city. It is… continue reading

Guadix Castle

A typical Moorish castle

| Altitude: 942 m / 3 091 ft

In Guadix you will find a strong fortress – Alcazaba, like almost in every Spanish city. It dates from the… continue reading

Plaza de la Constitucion in Guadix

The most beautiful square in Guadix

The center of the old town is the Plaza de la Constitucion, where the town hall is located. Unfortunately,… continue reading

Iglesia de Santiago in Guadix

Beautiful church in Guadix

Between the cathedral and the castle there is another interesting church monument – the Church with the… continue reading

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