The most beautiful Dolomite passes

The highest passes in the Dolomites

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The most beautiful Dolomite passes
Inserted: 03.03.2019

The majestic dolomite massifs are separated by high passes. Most of them are accessible by road, so both cyclists and motorists come to it. From each of these passes, you can also continue on great mountain hikes. Passes are usually surrounded by picturesque mountain meadows, so it's a complete feast for the eyes. Come and see the most beautiful of them.

Passo Sella

The most beautiful pass in the Dolomites

| Altitude: 2 240 m / 7 349 ft

Passo Sella (2 240m above sea level) is one of the most beautiful dolomite passes. It lies between two… continue reading

Passo Pordoi

The starting point for Piz Boe

| Altitude: 2 239 m / 7 346 ft

Passo Pordoi (2 239m above sea level) is renowned for its legendary Giro d'Italia climb at Sella massif and… continue reading

Passo Giau

Pass under the beautiful rock tower

| Altitude: 2 236 m / 7 336 ft

Passo Giau (2,236 meters above sea level) belongs to the most beautiful dolomite passes. It is the ideal… continue reading

Passo di Valparola

Pass associated with the First World War

| Altitude: 2 192 m / 7 192 ft

Passo di Valparola Pass (2 192 m above sea level) in the Dolomites is interesting by the height of the Tre… continue reading

Passo Gardena

A beautiful pass at the Sella massif

| Altitude: 2 136 m / 7 008 ft

Passo Gardena (2,135 m above sea level) / Grödner joch / is located on the northern end of the Sella Massif… continue reading

Passo di Falzarego

Interesting starting point for hikers

| Altitude: 2 105 m / 6 906 ft

The main tourist attraction of Passo di Falzarego Pass (2,105 m above sea level) is the funicular to Piccolo… continue reading

Passo Fedaia

Pass directly under the Marmolada

| Altitude: 2 057 m / 6 749 ft

Directly below the mountain queen of Dolomites – Marmolada is known Fedaia Pass (2,057m asl). A little… continue reading

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