The most beautiful cities of Bolivia

The best of Bolivia cities

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The most beautiful cities of Bolivia
Inserted: 04.10.2021
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Bolivia is known and visited mainly for its natural beauty. However, you will also find several nice cities that are worth a visit. The historic centers are built here at the time of Spanish colonization, so you will find mostly beautiful churches and cathedrals. Most cities are set in interesting natural scenery such as the capital La Paz or Potosí. Let's take a look at the most interesting and beautiful cities in Bolivia

La Paz

The largest city of Bolivia

| Altitude: 3 652 m / 11 982 ft

The city of La Paz is the largest and, in fact, the capital of Bolivia (but by the constitution is the… continue reading

City of Sucre

Capital of Bolivia

| Altitude: 2 809 m / 9 216 ft

According to the Constitution, Sucre is the capital of Bolivia, but it is by far the largest or the most… continue reading

Copacabana town

Picturesque little town on Lake Titicaca

| Altitude: 3 860 m / 12 664 ft

The Bolivian Copacabana, often confused by the famous beach of Rio de Janeiro, is a nice town on Lake… continue reading


Silver City

| Altitude: 3 991 m / 13 094 ft

The city of Potosí was famous for its giant amount of silver, which was extracted from Cerro Rico. Thanks to… continue reading


The starting point for Cordillera Real

| Altitude: 2 701 m / 8 862 ft

The city of Sorata boasts with an absolutely stunning location between sharp ridges just off the mighty peaks… continue reading


The heart of the Bolivian wild west

| Altitude: 2 965 m / 9 728 ft

The city of Tupiza itself is not a complete attraction for tourists. The amazing landscape of colorful rocks… continue reading

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