The highest road passes in Tibet

The highest road on the roof of the world

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The highest road passes in Tibet
Inserted: 13.07.2016
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Where else than in Tibet would you find the world's highest road passes? Lots of asphalt roads leads at heights more than five thousand meters above sea level. Almost every one of these passes offers a beautiful view of either the Himalayan eight-thousandthers or the slightly more flat top of the Transhimalaya. Riding along these roads is one of the great experiences when visiting Tibet

Suge la pass

One of the world's highest road passes

| Altitude: 5 452 m / 17 887 ft

Suge la Pass (5,452m asl) is one of the world's highest motorized passes. You will find it in a deserted… continue reading

Gyatso la pass

Pass on the Tibetan plateau plain

| Altitude: 5 259 m / 17 254 ft

Despite its high altitude – 5,259 meters above sea level, the Gyatso Pass is relatively insignificant. It is… continue reading

Pang la Pass

Impressive view of the Himalayas

| Altitude: 5 206 m / 17 080 ft

Pang la pass (5,206m asl) is considered one of the most beautiful Himalayan viewpoints. So exactly the… continue reading

Laken la pass

View of Lake Namtso

| Altitude: 5 190 m / 17 028 ft

The perfect asphalt road, which leads from Damxung through the mountains to the sacred lake Namtso,… continue reading

Tong la pass

The highest point of the Friendship Road

| Altitude: 5 130 m / 16 831 ft

The Road of Friendship that connects Nepal and Tibet is culminating in the Tong la Pass (5,130m asl), which… continue reading

Lamna la pass

Pass in nomads county

| Altitude: 5 097 m / 16 722 ft

Lamna la pass (5,097m above sea level) does not located on a classical road, but on a gravel road for off… continue reading

Lalung la pass

Unimportant five-thousander

| Altitude: 5 020 m / 16 470 ft

Probably you will experience only in Tibet that the 5,000-meter high road pass is just a lonely place on the… continue reading

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