The highest road passes in Ladakh

Up to 5,000 meters above sea level by bus

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The highest road passes in Ladakh
Inserted: 16.06.2016

In northern India, in Ladakh, you will find one of the world's highest road passes. A few higher ones can only be found in Tibet. There are three five-thousand-meters passes over which the busy traffic runs and a whole range of four and three thousand.

Chang La Pass

The highest road pass in Ladakh

| Altitude: 5 360 m / 17 585 ft

Chang La Pass (5 360 asl) is the highest road pass in Ladakh, over which leads a „normal“ road. Far better… continue reading

Khardung la Pass

False highest motorized pass in the worl

| Altitude: 5 359 m / 17 582 ft

Khardung la Pass (5 359 m asl) is probably the most famous Indian road pass, mainly due to the fact that it… continue reading

Taglang la Pass

The highest point of the road Manali-Leh

| Altitude: 5 328 m / 17 480 ft

Taglang la Pass (5 328 m asl) belongs among the three highest accessible road passes in Ladakh. It is also… continue reading

Lachalung la Pass

Flat pass

| Altitude: 5 066 m / 16 621 ft

Lachalung la (5,066m) is the second highest pass on the way from Leh to Manali. You will find it in the… continue reading

Nakeela Pass

The highest point on the slopes of Mount Jagged

| Altitude: 4 920 m / 16 142 ft

Nakeela pass (4,920m) is in fact not truly a pass, but only the highest point on the hillside of the Jagged… continue reading

Baralacha la Pass

Three rivers pass

| Altitude: 4 891 m / 16 047 ft

The Baralacha la pass (4,891 m asl) is located on the main Himalayan ridge. It is actually a small plateau on… continue reading

Fotu la Pass

The highest point on the road Srinagar-Léh

| Altitude: 4 094 m / 13 432 ft

Fotu la Pass (4 094 m asl) is the highest pass on the long road from Kashmir to Ladakh. It lies in an… continue reading

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