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Night Hallászbastya
Inserted: 30.11.2022
Author: Marian Gabor ©
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Night view of the illuminated Fish Bastion together with the Church of St. Matej.

Hungarian Parliament in Budapest

The most impressive building in Budapest

Altitude: 105 m / 344 ft

One of the most beautiful and impressive buildings in Budapest is undoubtedly the Hungarian Parliament –… continue reading

St. Stephen's Basilica

The most important church in Hungary

Altitude: 106 m / 348 ft

The basilica is located in the center of the historic part of the city and is certainly worth a visit, unlike… continue reading


The most picturesque monument of Budapest

Altitude: 164 m / 538 ft

The Fish Bastion is one of the biggest landmarks of Budapest, which is worth visiting, especially because of… continue reading

Szécsény Baths

The most famous spa in Budapest

Altitude: 108 m / 354 ft

The classically styled Szécsény Bath is one of the most beautiful landmarks in the city, located near the… continue reading

Buda Castle

Castle of the Hungarian Kings

Altitude: 143 m / 469 ft

Buda Castle is also one of the biggest landmarks of the city, the photo shows the view of the castle from the… continue reading

Matthias Church in Budapest

The famous cathedral on Castle Hill

Altitude: 166 m / 545 ft

Matthias Church is one of the biggest landmarks of Budapest located on the Buda side of Budapest on the… continue reading

The Great Synagogue in Budapest

The largest synagogue in Europe

| Altitude: 105 m / 344 ft

The Great Synagogue in Budapest, also known as the Dohány Street Synagogue, is a monumental building built… continue reading

Hosok Tera

Main square in Budapest

Altitude: 106 m / 348 ft

One of the landmarks of Budapest is the Hosok Tere square, where there is a famous monument depicting the… continue reading

City park in Budapest

The most important park in Budapest

Altitude: 106 m / 348 ft

At the north-eastern end of the center of Budapest is a beautiful city park (Városliget in Hungarian).… continue reading

Budapest Central Station

The biggest railway station in Budapest

Altitude: 109 m / 358 ft

Among the interesting sights of Budapest is the local main train station (Budapest-Keleti pályaudvar in… continue reading

János Hegy

The highest hill above Budapest

Altitude: 486 m / 1 594 ft

An observation tower above the city from which there is a perfect view of the entire city. I definitely… continue reading

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