Trip to the surroundings of Yazd

Trip to the surroundings of Yazd

Sightseeing in the desert

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The most interesting and most popular trip around Yazd is a drive to the mountainous desert north of the town. First, see the beautiful town of mud bricks Kharanaq and enjoy the ride between the table mountains before you arrive at the sacred place Chak Chak. Finally, be sure to stop in the town Meybod, which boasts an ancient castle Narin.


Article: Visit of Kharanaq

Well-preserved ruins of desert town

If you are already in the desert Yazd, do not forget to go within one day trip also to very interesting ruins of Khanaraq (1 765 m asl) /80 kilometers away from Yazd/. After passing through the modern part of the town await you extensive freely accessible ruins. Remember, however, that these buildings from adobe mud bricks are already quite shabby, so part of the ceilings is already forfeited and another will fall soon, which is a shame. After seeing the ruins set out to the adjacent green oasis, where they pomegranates grow, to the aqueduct and to the outlook point, where you will see the town nicely panoramic.

Article: Visit of Chak Chak

The most sacred place of Zoroastrianism

Chak Chak, the most sacred place of the ancient religion Zoroastrianism, lies hidden in the mountains strongly reminiscent of the famous Jordanian desert Wadi Rum. For someone may be more interesting the ride through the desert rather than the very small temple hidden in a cave over a number of newly constructed buildings. However, the trip to Chak Chak is certainly worth it.

Article: Visit of Castle Narin Qal'eh

The heart of historic Meybod

In the center of the regional capital Meybod (1 100 m asl) /approx. 70 thsd in population/ stands the oldest Iranian castle Narin. It was built more than two thousand years ago and was the center of ancient Persian kingdom Mozaffari. Considering the fact that it is constructed only of mud bricks, it is very well preserved. From the outlook point on its roof is nice view of the surrounding old town, which gives the impression of a miniature of much bigger Yazd.

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