Article Trip to Swayambhunath

A trip to the Monkey Temple in Kathmandu

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Trip to Swayambhunath
Inserted: 11.02.2021
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Swayambhunath is one of the top attractions in Kathmandu. However, most visitors only climb up to the stupa and return the same way in a while, while there are a number of other interesting places in the vicinity.

Start of the trip to Swayambhunath

Start classically, walk or be brought to the eastern exit of the temple. Here are usually the most monkeys. Climb the stairs to the temple itself and admire the views of Kathmandu

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Article: Visit of Swayambhunath

Stupa Swayambhunath (called also Monkey temple, which is very apt) with surrounding temples stretched on the hill ranks among the… continue reading

Visit of Swayambhunath

A tour of the Wochen Thukje Chieling temple

Do not return the same way but continue west by stairs to the saddle between the two peaks and then ascend to the second Wochen Thukje Chieling temple.

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Most visitors to the Swayambhunath Stupa, standing on a massive hill in the western part of Kathmandu, climb a long staircase… continue reading

Wochen Thukje Chieling Temple

Tour of Amideva Buddha Park

From the temple, return to the saddle and continue west to the foot of the hill. Here you will find another attraction Amideva Buddha Park with huge statues of Buddhas. If you have more time, you can join the bark here and go around the whole hill as a bonus and turn a million mills

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Kora around Swayambhunath

Marketplace at Buddha Park

Amideva Buddha Park is located right next to the Ring Road, so it is very lively. There is also a small marketplace so you can replenish supplies

Marketplace at Buddha Park
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