Travelling in Rarotonga

Travelling in Rarotonga

Swimming and trekking in one

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Overcrowding: Above average
Difficulty: Below average
Time: 5 Days

If you want to get to know Raratonga a little, you must combine not only swimming and snorkeling, but also hiking and cycling. You will see very nice mountain sceneries and lush vegetation of the island´s interior. Since the island is relatively small, only a few interesting days will do well.  


Day 1

Relax on Muri beach

Upon arrival, take at least one day of relaxation, exploring the beaches and coral motu in the southeast of the island in Muri, because it is the most beautiful beach on the island.

Article: Swimming at Muri Beach

The most beautiful beach on Raratonga

Southeastern end of the island around the village of Muri meets the phantasies of Pacific paradise - white beaches, lagoon, coconut palms and overgrown coral islands motus. Fortunately, accommodation capacity on the beach is limited and that is why there are no extreme crowds. It is just the perfect place for a few days of relaxation.

Day 2

Ride on bike around the island

The next day, explore the coastal part of the island on bike or moped and drive around the entire island in circle. You will see not only agricultural landscape beginning almost immediately at the end of the Muri beach, but also beautiful inland mountains covered with lush vegetation. Be sure to take a walk in the capital Avarua. Interesting are mainly views of the island from the pier.

Article: Bike trip around Rarotonga

The trip around the island Rarotonga

One of the most popular trips in Rarotonga is leading around the island along the main road Ara Tapu, which has only about 30 kilometers. It can be undertaken on a moped, bike or or on the bike with motor help. You will see green mountains on all sides, typical houses, occasionally beaches – but you would probably expect there will be much more beaches. There are several short roads leading from the main road directly into the interior, so this trip can also be extended. In addition, the main busy road leading along the coast is in more than halfway around the island accompanied by much greener and quieter small parallel road through interior. So you can actually bypass the island twice and each time a little differently.

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The capital of the Cook Islands

The capital of the Cook Islands Avarua has a little more than five thousand inhabitants and in translation means two harbors. Considering the local conditions it is a busy place, but do not expect here any high-rise buildings and that's a good thing. The most interesting and photogenic place here is the harbor, from where there are nice views of local green mountains towering practically just outside the town.

Day 3

Kayaking and swimming

The third day can be relaxing again. Apart from swimming and snorkeling it is worth to rent a kayak for a few hours and sail around the various islands motu. Another more commercial kind of entertainment is a barbecue on one of the islands, which is probably offered by travel agencies.

Day 4

Crossing of the island

If you like hiking and want to get to know the interior of the island, there is no better outing than trek through the island from north to south. You will see here lush ocean jungle and from the pass at the Needle (Te Rua Manga) are also beautiful views of the island. The descent to the other side of the island will please also more adventurous tourists.

Article: Trek across Rarotonga

Through the island from north to south

Cross-Island Track is absolutely the most interesting trip in Rarotonga. You will go across the whole island from north to south through tropical jungle during this approximately three-to four-hour lasting walk. You can also get a little wet and sometimes go in foggy clouds. Anyway, with a bit of luck you will have nice view of the highest peaks of the island Te Manga (653 m asl) and Te Atukura (638 m asl) from the highest point of the trek. Definitely do not underestimate shoes as there are a lot of slippery, muddy and even quite steep passages. It is possible to walk the trek in the opposite direction (i.e. from south to north) too, but it is not recommended as there is a greater risk of losing your way.

5 and more days on the island

If you have time about a week, you can walk into the interior of the island through other valleys:

  • Worth walking is a short Avana trek
  • The ascent to the highest mountain in the island Te Manga (653 m asl) through the valley Tupapa
  • The way through the valley Takuva'ine
  • Ascent to Maungatea Bluff

Article: Avana trek

From the beach straight into the jungle

Tourism in Rarotonga is not just about the most famous Cross-Island Track. Basically, you can make at least a short trip to oceanic nature from each roads leading to the interior. Well accessible is a short trip from Muri beach along the river Avana with views of the surrounding jungles in overgrown mountains.

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