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Wild waterfall

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Skryjský waterfall
Inserted: 01.11.2020
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Skryjský waterfall belongs to the Skryjská jezírka reservation. Due to its flow, it is one of the most watery waterfalls in our territory. Its attraction is a rocky canyon on the Zbirošský stream, which penetrates the canyon. Its height reaches 1.5 meters.


The Zbirož brook literally resembles a jungle in places

Author: Martin Gregor ©
Author: Martin Gregor ©


The area around the waterfalls is very rocky. You have to be careful

Skryjský waterfall with a pond

Skryjský waterfall with Skryjský lake. Very romantic to exotic place. Although I have never visited a country like Thailand or Vietnam, at the moment I thought like I was really standing in this or a similar area.

Skryjský waterfall with a pond
Author: Martin Gregor ©
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