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System of untouched river bends and meadow floodplains

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Meandry Hronu
Inserted: 09.10.2020
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To the southeast of the village of Telgárt, along the road number 66 to the village of Červená skala, there is the nature reserve „meanders of Hron“ with a total area of 104 ha.

A unique system of river bends

In the valley below the Low Tatras, the upper course of the Hron created a unique system of river bends, around which large meadow floodplains were created by grinding and depositing river sediments. At the foot of the mountains there are a number of springs and springs and this area is a high incidence of precipitation, so the local vegetation is typical of peat meadows. We can find a number of protected and endangered species here. Such as the willow willow (Salix rosmarinifolia), various species of sedges (Carex) and others. Thanks to the regulation of river flows, these places have decreased significantly in the past.

A unique system of river bends
Author: Martin Javorský ©

Nature reserve

This area, important geomorphologically, landscape and aesthetically, has been declared a nature reserve and belongs to the protection zone of the Low Tatras National Park. If you want to explore this place in more detail, don't forget to take your boots!

Nature reserve
Author: Martin Javorský ©
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