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The most beautiful town hall in the Czech Republic

The best of the town halls of the Czech Republic

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The most beautiful town hall in the Czech Republic
Inserted: 18.12.2021
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The center of almost every city is the historic square and of course the town hall. It functioned not only as a base for officials, but also as an exhibition building of the city, which was to show visitors how the city stands financially. In some cities we find absolutely magnificent buildings that hardly match the Gothic cathedrals. Let's take a look at the most interesting and beautiful town hall in the Czech Republic.

City Hall in Liberec

The most monumental town hall in the Czech Republic

Altitude: 374 m / 1 227 ft

The regional city of Liberec, located in a picturesque location between the Jizera Mountains and Ještěd, has… continue reading

Old town hall with astronomical clock

World famous Prague monument

| Altitude: 192 m / 630 ft

The Old Town Hall standing on the edge of the Old Town Square is famous mainly thanks to the elaborate… continue reading

Pardubice City Hall

Beautiful neo-renaissance town hall

It is good to start a tour of the nice but relatively small historical center of Pardubice right in its heart… continue reading

Olomouc City Hall

Beautiful town hall with a huge tower

Altitude: 220 m / 722 ft

On the Upper Square in Olomouc, everyone flies around the most famous plague column in the Czech Republic.… continue reading

City Hall in České Budějovice

The most important building in České Budějovice

Altitude: 387 m / 1 270 ft

One of the biggest monuments of České Budějovice is the magnificent Baroque town hall built in the 18th… continue reading

Cologne City Hall

Pride of Charles Square

Kolín City Hall is one of the most beautiful town halls in the Czech Republic. That's why you won't… continue reading

Litovel Town Hall

City Hall with an impressive tower

Altitude: 239 m / 784 ft

Litovel Town Hall can be seen from afar thanks to its 65 meter high tower. You can also climb the observation… continue reading

Old town hall in Polička

Monumental landmark of Polička

Altitude: 560 m / 1 837 ft

With the predominance of the most important historical building in Polička is its baroque Old Town Hall… continue reading

Renaissance town hall in Mladá Boleslav

Dominant of the Old Town Square in Mladá Boleslav

Altitude: 239 m / 784 ft

The main monument of the city is the former Renaissance town hall decorated with sgraffito. continue reading

Písek Town Hall

City Hall with two towers

Altitude: 373 m / 1 224 ft

The Great Square in Písek boasts a magnificent Baroque town hall. You can recognize it by its two towers and… continue reading

Peace Square in Kadan

City Hall with an impressive white tower

Altitude: 303 m / 994 ft

The city center is, of course, Peace Square. The distinguishing feature is the interesting and original white… continue reading

City Hall in Melnik

The most distinctive building in Mělník

Altitude: 220 m / 722 ft

In the very center of the city, on náměstí Míru in Mělník, you will come across a brightly colored building… continue reading

Old town hall in Chrudim

Baroque pride of Chrudim

The historic houses on the north side of Ressel Square are dominated by the Old Town Hall with one tower.… continue reading

City Hall in Cesky Krumlov

City Hall created by merging several houses

Altitude: 487 m / 1 598 ft

By merging the four original Gothic houses, the town hall building was created on Svornosti Square. Thanks to… continue reading

City Hall in Vrchlabi

An interesting neo-renaissance building

Altitude: 485 m / 1 591 ft

The complete center of Vrchlabí is TG Masaryk Square with an interesting town hall. It was one of the first… continue reading

Old town hall in Litomysl

Dominant of Smetana Square

Altitude: 336 m / 1 102 ft

The Old Town Hall in Litomyšl is one of the dominants not only of Smetana Square, but of the whole city. It… continue reading

Novojičín City Hall

Dominant of Masaryk Square

Altitude: 289 m / 948 ft

The dominant feature of the picturesque Masaryk Square in Nový Jičín is the local town hall. This historic… continue reading

Old town hall in Svitavy

Picturesque red town hall

Altitude: 441 m / 1 447 ft

One of the important buildings on Peace Square in Svitavy is the picturesque red Old Town Hall. You can… continue reading

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