The most beautiful square of Spain

The most interesting and most beautiful square in Spain

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The most beautiful square of Spain
Inserted: 06.09.2021
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In Spain we find some of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Due to its enormous colonial influence in the Middle Ages, there was funding for the construction of huge burgher palaces and imposing cathedrals. All this was mostly located around the main square. Let's see where in Spain we find the most beautiful squares.

Plaza de España in Seville

History of Spanish cities in brief

| Altitude: 20 m / 66 ft

Plaza de España is a little bit different square. Upon close inspection you will see the most important… continue reading

Plaza Mayor in Salamanca

The most beautiful square in Spain

Altitude: 797 m / 2 615 ft

The Plaza Mayor in Salamanca is considered one of the most beautiful squares in all of Spain. It is, of… continue reading

Plaza Mayor (Madrid)

The most beautiful square in Madrid

Altitude: 651 m / 2 136 ft

The most important and interesting square in Madrid is without a doubt the Plaza Mayor (main square). It is… continue reading

Plaza Mayor (Segovia)

The main square of Segovia

Altitude: 1 005 m / 3 297 ft

The center of Segovia is undoubtedly the vast Plaza Mayor. In addition, the breathtaking cathedral can be… continue reading

Plaza de la Constitucion in Guadix

The most beautiful square in Guadix

The center of the old town is the Plaza de la Constitucion, where the town hall is located. Unfortunately,… continue reading

Plaza de España (Madrid)

The square with the monument of Miguel de Cervantes

Altitude: 635 m / 2 083 ft

Plaza de España is a large square in the heart of Madrid, on the edge of Gran Via's busiest street. The… continue reading

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