The most beautiful sights in Kathmandu

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The most beautiful sights in Kathmandu
Inserted: 21.07.2016
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In the capital of Kathmandu you will find very interesting Buddhist and Hindu monuments, which are definitely worth a visit. Some of them are relatively well accessible by foot. Count on the fact that most of them are subject to relatively high admissions (in Nepal), and part of them is damaged after a massive earthquake in 2015.


Temple of sleeping Vishnu

| Altitude: 1 450 m / 4 757 ft

A little-known and less visited tourists in the north of Kathmandu are called Budhanilkantha (not to mention… continue reading

Kathesimbu Stupa

Beautiful stupa in Thamel

| Altitude: 1 310 m / 4 298 ft

Stupa Kathesimba is one of the lesser-known sights in Kathmandu, but it is very nice, and besides, it is an… continue reading

Swayambhunath Stupa

Sacred Monkey Temple

| Altitude: 1 400 m / 4 593 ft

Stupa Swayambhunath is one of the three most important religious sites in Kathmandu. Thanks to its location… continue reading

Durbar square at Kathamndu

Kathmandu Historical Center

| Altitude: 1 310 m / 4 298 ft

The historical center of Kathmandu is undoubtedly Durbar Square full of Hindu temples. More than a classic… continue reading

Pashupatinah Temple

Nepalese Varanasi

| Altitude: 1 315 m / 4 314 ft

The holiest Hindu temple in Nepal is such a miniature analogy to Indian Varanasi. In the Ghat are burned dead… continue reading

Boudhanath stupa

The Most Holy Buddhist Temple in Kathmandu

| Altitude: 1 360 m / 4 462 ft

One of the most interesting places in the entire Kathmandu Basin is the Boudhanath Stupa. Stupa is located in… continue reading

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