The most beautiful monuments in Passau

The best of Passau

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The most beautiful monuments in Passau
Inserted: 25.08.2021
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In Passau you will find a number of beautiful monuments, led by the monumental Baroque Cathedral of St. Štěpán. In addition, there are many other churches, picturesque streets and fortresses in the surrounding hills. A natural attraction is the confluence of the Danube and the Inn, where both rivers have a different color of water. Let's take a look at the most interesting places and the most beautiful sights in Passau

Cathedral of St. Stephen in Passau

The cathedral with the largest organs in Europe

| Altitude: 311 m / 1 020 ft

St. Stephen cathedral is located in the Domplatz Square between the Danube and the Inns rivers. It has three… continue reading

Residenzplatz (Passau)

The most beautiful square in Passau

Altitude: 308 m / 1 010 ft

Residenzplatz is without a doubt the most beautiful square in the historic center of Passau. In its center is… continue reading

Veste Oberhaus Fortress

Fortress high above Passau

Altitude: 349 m / 1 145 ft

The Veste Oberhaus fortress rises on a hill high above Passau. However, it is separated from the historic… continue reading

Old town hall

Old town hall with the most beautiful tower in Passau

Altitude: 299 m / 981 ft

Right on the banks of the Danube on the Town Hall Square you will find the complex of Passau town hall… continue reading

Veste Niederhaus Fortress

Guardian of the confluence of the Danube and Ilz rivers

Altitude: 298 m / 978 ft

Veste Niederhaus is a fortress at the confluence of the Danube and Ilz rivers. It lies below the larger upper… continue reading

Confluence of the Danube with the Inn

Mixing differently colored rivers

Altitude: 293 m / 961 ft

In Passau, three rivers meet and it is interesting mainly that each of them has a different color. First, the… continue reading

Rindermarkt Square

The liveliest square in Passau

Altitude: 303 m / 994 ft

Probably the liveliest square in Passau is the picturesque Rindermarkt with the Spitalkirche church „St.… continue reading

Sanctuary Church Mariahilf

The famous pilgrimage church in Passau

Altitude: 365 m / 1 198 ft

South of the old town on the other side of the Inn River is the interesting Mariahilf pilgrimage church. It… continue reading


Remains of the historic fortifications of Passau

Altitude: 292 m / 958 ft

On the south side of Passau's Old Town, right by the Inn River, you will find the picturesque Schaiblingsturm… continue reading

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