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The most beautiful monuments in Pardubice

The best of Pardubice

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The most beautiful monuments in Pardubice
Inserted: 30.09.2021
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Pardubice offers not only the famous Great Pardubice, but also a number of nice sights in its historic center. Beautiful Pernštýn Square, Pardubice Castle and perhaps the Green Gate. Let's take a look at the sights that are worth a visit in Pardubice.

Pernstyn Square in Pardubice

Square in the shadow of a huge city hall

| Altitude: 220 m / 722 ft

Pernštýnské Square in Pardubice is renowned for two interesting sights – a huge town hall and high Green Gate… continue reading

Pardubice chateau

One of the most beautiful castles in Eastern Bohemia

Pardubice Castle is not only very beautiful, but also very large and well-preserved. The most beautiful view… continue reading

Pardubice City Hall

Beautiful neo-renaissance town hall

It is good to start a tour of the nice but relatively small historical center of Pardubice right in its heart… continue reading

Green Gate in Pardubice

Dominant Pardubice

With an overview of the highest landmark of Pardubice is the 59 meter high Green Gate with a tower. The tower… continue reading

Church of St. Bartholomew in Pardubice

Gothic church in Pardubice

Altitude: 219 m / 719 ft

Church of St. Bartholomew is one of the oldest buildings in Pardubice. It is exhibited in the Gothic style.… continue reading

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