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The most beautiful monuments in Kutná Hora

What to see and visit in Kutná Hora

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The most beautiful monuments in Kutná Hora
Inserted: 08.12.2021
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Thanks to silver, Kutná Hora, once one of the richest cities in the Czech Kingdom, offers a number of beautiful monuments. The most famous of these is of course the Church of St. Barbara, but you will also find a monumental monastery or the Italian Palace

Church of St. Barbara

The most important building in Kutná Hora

| Altitude: 263 m / 863 ft

You can find the Church of St. Barbara in every picture from Kutná Hora. It is a beautiful Gothic building… continue reading

Jesuit College in Kutná Hora

The largest historical building in Kutná Hora

Altitude: 268 m / 879 ft

The Jesuit College in Kutná Hora is one of the most monumental buildings in the entire city. It is a typical… continue reading

Italian court

Former Central Mint of the Czech Kingdom

Altitude: 252 m / 827 ft

Vlašský dvůr in Kutná Hora is a historically very important building. It used to be the central mint of the… continue reading

Church of St. Of St. James in Kutná Hora

The oldest church in Kutná Hora

Altitude: 255 m / 837 ft

One of the important monuments in Kutná Hora is the Church of St. Jacob. You will find it directly opposite… continue reading

Kutná Hora Castle

Gothic mansion

Altitude: 258 m / 846 ft

The castle in Kutná Hora was first established as a fortress. Subsequently, it became a nice Gothic mansion… continue reading

At the Stone Fountain

Unique covered fountain

Altitude: 268 m / 879 ft

After going around the entire Jesuit dormitory, head down the nice historic Husova Street. After a while you… continue reading

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