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The most beautiful lookout towers in the Bohemian Paradise

Where to go for views in the Bohemian Paradise

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The most beautiful lookout towers in the Bohemian Paradise
Inserted: 11.05.2020

Bohemian Paradise literally abounds in views of the local rock towns. You will find here, but also several interesting lookout towers, mostly on the highest hills of this picturesque region. Let's see where you can go to the most beautiful lookout towers in the Bohemian Paradise

Kozakov Lookout Tower

Lookout tower on the highest hill of the Bohemian Paradise

| Altitude: 745 m / 2 444 ft

Formerly a lookout tower that served soldiers and even today part of the building serves soldiers, the iron… continue reading

Lookout tower at Tábor

Interesting outlook of the Giant Mountai

| Altitude: 678 m / 2 224 ft

Thanks to the re-opened lookout tower on hill Tábor (678 m asl), there is a beautiful view of the Giant… continue reading

Kopanina lookout tower

Maloskalska lighthouse

| Altitude: 657 m / 2 156 ft

Already in 1894, an 18 meter high lookout tower was built on the Kopanina hill (657 m above sea level). It is… continue reading

Lookout tower Hlavatice

Interesting outlook of Turnov

| Altitude: 380 m / 1 247 ft

At the end of the sandstone plateau of Hruboskalsko is an interesting lone rock tower Hlavatice, which offers… continue reading


The oldest tower in the Czech Paradise

| Altitude: 331 m / 1 086 ft

Until the hill Čeřovka overgrew with huge oaks and beeches, lookout Milohlídka provided beautiful views… continue reading

Valdice tower

The main landmark of Jičín

| Altitude: 280 m / 919 ft

52 m high Valdice tower not only dominates the Wallenstein Square, but basically the entire town Jičín. In… continue reading

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