The most beautiful cathedrals and churches in Germany

The most famous cathedrals of Germany

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The most beautiful cathedrals and churches in Germany
Inserted: 24.09.2022
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In Germany you will find some of the largest and most magnificent cathedrals in Europe. Here you will find not only Gothic cathedrals such as in Cologne, but also amazing baroque buildings such as in Passau. Let's take a look at the most beautiful churches and cathedrals in Germany.

Cologne Cathedral

The magnificent Gothic cathedral of St. Peter

| Altitude: 53 m / 174 ft

St. Peter's Cathedral, shortly the Cologne Cathedral, is a magnificent Gothic cathedral and the seat of the… continue reading

Cathedral of St. Stephen in Passau

The cathedral with the largest organs in Europe

| Altitude: 311 m / 1 020 ft

St. Stephen cathedral is located in the Domplatz Square between the Danube and the Inns rivers. It has three… continue reading

Ulm Minster

The Tallest Church of the World

| Altitude: 481 m / 1 578 ft

Ulm Minster is a Lutheran dome in the German city of Ulm, built in Gothic style. In the church sense, it is… continue reading

Dresden Frauenkirche

One of the most important Baroque buildings in Germany

| Altitude: 115 m / 377 ft

The Frauenkirche (Church of the Virgin Mary) is an Evangelical Lutheran church in Dresden, Germany. It is one… continue reading

Cathedral of St. Peter in Budyšín

The tallest building in Budyšín

Budyšín is famous for its many towers that complete its picturesque panorama. The tallest of them is the… continue reading

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