Czech Republic

10 largest cities in the Czech Republic

The largest and most populous cities in the Czech Republic

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10 largest cities in the Czech Republic
Inserted: 10.06.2022
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The Czech Republic, as a small country in Central Europe, has only one city with more than one million inhabitants. Thus, regional cities with a population of around one hundred thousand will also get into the TOP Ten. The order of the cities is valid to 1.1.2022.

Praha / Prague

Capital of Czech Republic

| Altitude: 192 m / 630 ft

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It has about 1.3 million inhabitants. Thanks to… continue reading


Welcome to "Štatl"

| Altitude: 222 m / 728 ft

Brno is proud, royal town, full of unique cultural monuments. It is an inspiring metropolis where lives and… continue reading

Petr Bezruč Mine

The third largest city in the Czech Republic

Altitude: 228 m / 748 ft

Other views include a view of the nearby abandoned mine of Petr Bezruč. continue reading

Inside the old brewery

Metropolis of Western Bohemia

Altitude: 312 m / 1 024 ft

Wonderful setting of an old brewery. continue reading


City with a monumental town hall

| Altitude: 374 m / 1 227 ft

The county town of Liberec is known mainly thanks to the nearby Ještěd, probably with the most famous… continue reading


The capital city of Haná region

| Altitude: 218 m / 715 ft

Olomouc is a county town with hundred thousands of inhabitants. It was famous for its Baroque pillar of the… continue reading

Czech Budejovice

The largest city in South Bohemia

Altitude: 387 m / 1 270 ft

České Budějovice has almost one hundred thousand inhabitants and is thus the largest city in South Bohemia.… continue reading

Hradec Králové

The historic city on the Elbe

| Altitude: 245 m / 804 ft

The large county town of Hradec Králové is situated at the confluence of the Elbe with Orlice. The main… continue reading

Usti nad Labem

The largest city in Northern Bohemia

Altitude: 144 m / 472 ft

Ústí nad Labem has an incredibly picturesque location in the Elbe Valley surrounded by the hills of the… continue reading


The city of gingerbread

| Altitude: 221 m / 725 ft

Pardubice is famous for its gingerbread and the Great Pardubice racecourse. But the historical center of the… continue reading

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