Travelling in Malolo

Around the largest island

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Travelling in Malolo
Inserted: 16.08.2014
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Malolo island is remote from the gateway to Fiji – Viti Levu just an hour away by boat, so it is an ideal starting point to explore nice archipelago Mamanuca. You will find here not only beautiful beaches, but also kayak voyages and explorations of the island.  

1 to 2 Day

Exploring Malolo

During the first two days explore the beaches of Malolo island, all of which are on its western side. The ideal means of transport between them is kayak, because it is often more difficult through the hinterland. On kayak you can also get to a small boat wreck or to the private island Wadigi. Enjoy beautiful sunsets and relax in hammocks between coconut trees. You can also undertake a short hike here in the means of ascent to a hill in the interior. But set out early in the morning, because the temperatures are very high in the afternoon.

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Day 3

Island Casteway

On the third day, take a survey around the neighboring Casteway island. You can get there by kayak, or if it is too big challenge for you, use the ship transport from Malolo. You will find here both hotel beach and utterly lonely robinson-like strips of sand. It looks here as in Pacific Paradise, so for someone it's maybe more interesting alternative to stay here than in larger Malolo.

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Day 4

Travelling between islands

On the fourth day, experience local trip called island hopping, during which you can visit several islands in a single day, or move to any other island and discover new beaches.

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