Traveling around Malta

And on the island of Gozo

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Traveling around Malta
Inserted: 13.05.2018
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Malta is a small island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, which is definitely worth a visit, because it really has a lot to offer. Whether it's its long and interesting history (including the Order of the Knights of Malta), which has imprinted on countless monuments scattered throughout the island, or its beautiful nature, the open sea and high cliffs falling vertically down. Thanks to its miniature size, Malta is a suitable destination even just for an extended weekend or for a larger exploration for a week.

Traveling around the island of Malta

After arriving on the main island of Malta, you will probably want to be the first to travel. Depending on the mode of transport and preferences, in my opinion the island can be traveled in 2 to 5 days. Below in the articles you will find details about the capital Valletta, the former capital Mdina and what else is worth seeing and can fill a half-day to a day trip.

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Article: Tour of Valletta

The capital of Malta, Valletta, is located on a peninsula in the east of the island and can be reached both by land and adjacent… continue reading

Tour of Valletta
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Article: Island of Malta and interesting places

Wondering what else to see in Malta besides the capital Valletta and the former capital Mdina? Where can you take a day trip or a… continue reading

Island of Malta and interesting places
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Article: Tour of Mdina

The town of Mdina or „Quiet Town“ is a suitable destination for a half-day trip to Malta. It is smaller than Valletta and thus… continue reading

Tour of Mdina

Traveling around the island of Gozo

If you have already crossed the main island, but you still have time to return, do not hesitate and visit the nearby island of Gozo. Because it is smaller, it provides more peace and less busy traffic. Here you will also find a wide range of monuments, such as the citadel in the capital of the island of Victoria, but also natural beauty, including beaches, sea caves and rock formations. You can find more information about articles about Victoria and other attractions on the island.

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Article: Victoria Tour

As a region of Malta, the island of Gozo has its capital Victoria, also known as Rabat. The city is located in the very center of… continue reading

Victoria Tour
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Article: Island of Gozo and interesting places

If your first steps on the Maltese island of Gozo led to the capital Victoria / Rabat and you are looking for more tips on places… continue reading

Island of Gozo and interesting places
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