Lačnov gravitational anomaly

A place where objects roll uphill

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Lačnov gravitational anomaly
Inserted: 07.10.2020
Author: Martin Javorský ©
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On the road between the villages of Lipovec and Lačnov at the turnoff to the „Zlá Diera“ cave in the Prešov district, you can witness an unusual phenomenon. At this point, the objects do not roll down, but uphill, unbraked cars go uphill. We tried it – it's unbelievable!

We tried it!

Is this even possible? It can be a gravitational disturbance, a disturbance in the geomagnetic field, or an optical illusion. Such behavior of bodies is explained in various ways. The spontaneous driving of cars uphill is said to be a special composition of the subsoil, especially the increased iron content and thus the effect of the magnetic field. We therefore used a plastic bottle for the demonstration, where the effects of magnetism can be ruled out. And she really rolled towards the photographer!

We tried it!
Author: Martin Javorský ©

How can this be explained?

According to scientists, this is not a gravitational anomaly, but an optical illusion. The landscape around the hill, the curved horizon, the way the trees grow – all this causes us to see a decline instead of a rising road. If exploring this special place does not interest or bore you enough, you can go from the parking lot for a one-kilometer walk towards the view of the surrounding countryside and then to the cave „Evil Hole“, where there is a nice resting place with a shelter. The whole area attracts pleasant walks or bike rides through a little-visited area.

How can this be explained?
Author: Martin Javorský ©
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