Planet Earth, our world, our home. Bursting with surreal beauty of nature and our human creations built over the past several thousand years. Let's explore it together. Take a journey!

6 m / 20 ft
Westminster Palace engl

Westminster Palace

Westminster Palace, or House of Parliament, is the seat of the United Kingdom Parliament. Its most famous part is the high clock tower Elisabeth Tower with the…
753 m / 2 470 ft
Castle Alcazaba in Granada and

Castle Alcazaba in Granada

Alhambra Palace is one of the most famous buildings in Spain. Its oldest part is the massive Alcazaba fortress built by Moors. From the castle tower there is a…
5 019 m / 16 467 ft
Pastoruri Glacier pe

Pastoruri Glacier

Located in the south part of the Cordillera Blanca, its one of the glaciers left in the tropical areas of South America; the glacier is around 8 square kms in…
4 193 m / 13 757 ft
Paron Lake pe

Paron Lake

Lake Paron 4200m asl is the largest lake in the Cordillera Blanca, on the Peruvian Andes, 32km east from the city Caraz. Its nested and surrounded by several…
147 m / 482 ft
Saint Basil's Cathedral ru

Saint Basil's Cathedral

In the places where the southern side of the Red Square decreases to the Moscow River, there are the colorful domes of the Saint Basil's Cathedral - unique…
1 085 m / 3 560 ft
Wadi Nakhr om

Wadi Nakhr

Under the highest mountain of Oman you will find the most amazing canyon of this country - Wadi Nakhr. The surrounding walls are over 1000-1500 meters above…
73 m / 240 ft
Manikarnika ghat Váránasí in

Manikarnika ghat Váránasí

There is probably no more famous place in Varanasias than the Manikarnika ghat. Through the whole day the boundaries of wood are built and the dead are burned.…
181 m / 594 ft
Red Fort in Agra in

Red Fort in Agra

At Agra you will find one of the largest fortresses in the whole of India. Due to its importance, it was also on UNESCO's list. The most beautiful and well…
214 m / 702 ft
Fatehpur Sikri in

Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri was the seat of the city of the feared Mughal ruler, Akbar the Great. Here you will find a grand Friday mosque and Panch Mahal Palace. Part of…