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661 m / 2 169 ft
Wadi Sahtan om

Wadi Sahtan

Wadi Sahtan is a vast valley right under the stunning north wall of the highest mountain of Oman – Jabel Ash Sham. From the valley you can take a lot of hikes…
56 m / 184 ft
Arco de Tajao cani

Arco de Tajao

Arco de Tajao is the largest and surprisingly little known rock arch. This attractive natural reminiscent of similar objects on the North American continent,…
58 m / 190 ft
Montmorency Fall ca

Montmorency Fall

At the northeastern end of Quebec, you will find the most famous waterfall of this province – Chute Montmorency. The waterfalls are 83 meters high and the…
8 586 m / 28 169 ft
Kangchenjunga in


Kangchenjunga (8,586 m asl) is not only the third highest mountain in the world, but also the highest mountain of India and the second highest of Nepal. You…
8 035 m / 26 362 ft
Gasherbrum II. pk

Gasherbrum II.

Gasherbrum II. (8,035 meters above sea level) is the 13th highest mountain in the world. The original name of this mountain was K4. Like the slightly higher…
8 080 m / 26 509 ft
Gasherbrum I. pk

Gasherbrum I.

Gasherbrum I. (8,080m asl) is the eleventh highest mountain in the world. His nickname „Hidden peak“ was given for his „remoteness“. Just getting to the…
4 522 m / 14 836 ft
Tso Moriri Lake ld

Tso Moriri Lake

Lake Tso Moriri (4,527m asl) is a large lake on the Changtang plateau stretching from Tibet to Ladakh. The lake is surrounded by six thousander peaks, such as…
3 120 m / 10 236 ft
Fairy meadows under Nanga Parbat pk

Fairy meadows under Nanga Parbat

Fairy meadows under Nanga Parbat are perhaps the most famous sightseeing spot for this eight-thousander. And thanks to the fact that it is accessible by off…
4 714 m / 15 466 ft
Snow Lake pk

Snow Lake

Snow Lake is a gigantic high-altitude glacial basin at the top of the Biafo and Hispar glaciers in the heart of Karakoram. You will be here within a…