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Place Padrť ponds

Beautiful ponds at an altitude of 630 m above sea level in an intact landscape

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Padrť ponds
Inserted: 10.11.2020
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In the heart of the Brdy Highlands there is a well-preserved landscape of the Brdy Protected Landscape Area, where one of the most valuable parts are the Padrť ponds. It is a pair of ponds, which lie in a wide basin, also called Padrťské údolí. Padrťské rybníky is located at an altitude of 630 m above sea level and is the highest economic ponds in Central Bohemia. Due to its location, they are one of the cleanest ponds in our country. The Upper and Lower Padrť ponds were founded in the middle of the 16th century and are the largest bodies of water in the region. Both beautiful ponds have their charm mainly due to the beautiful nature around. However, swimming is prohibited in them. At the beginning of 2016, the area, until then reserved only for soldiers, was opened to the public. Thanks to paved roads, it is now possible to move freely and comfortably on foot or by bike.

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