Seeing Delhi

Mughal monuments

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Seeing Delhi
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Most tourists take Delhi only as an arrival and departure place before their travels around India and stay here only the shortest possible time. But it is possible to find here a wide range of beautiful sights, especially from the Mughal era. Most attractions are located within 10 km from the old city center and as such are the best accessible by taxi.  

Day 1

Seeing the old city center of Delhi

The first day set out to the Old Delhi where you will find the most famous monuments. First see the imposing Jama mosque (Friday). From there it is less than one kilometer through the bazaar to the gigantic Red Fort. After seeing it, set out along the main artery of this extremely crowded part of town – Chandni Chowk. Just a short walk from the Red Fort is an interesting temple Sri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir, the oldest Jain temple in the city. A little fit farther have the Siksh their temple – Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib. There is also the town hall. Chandni Chowk is then ended with an interesting mosque Fatehpuri. In addition, you will come across here countless number of various bazaars and small temples.

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Day 2

Mughal tombs

The next day, head to the south from the city center and see beautiful Mughal tombs of Humayun and Safdarjung and have a walk in interesting Lodhi gardens. 

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Day 3

Old Fort, India Gate and surroundings

The third day set off to explore the old fort Purana Qila. Stop at the monument of India Gate. In the government district look at the Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhawan (presidential palace) and Mughal gardens. You can also have a drive to see Raj ghat – the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi.

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Day 4

More distant sights

You will need to get further from the center the fourth day:

  • Modern Lotos temple (Bahai Temple).
  • Far to the south end of city is the highest minaret of Qutab Minar.
  • Modern but still very impressive temple Swaminarayan Akshardham.
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