4 020 m / 13 189 ft
Hike Tsarang - Jhaite np

Hike Tsarang - Jhaite

Mustang trek 6: The way from Tsarang over Ghemi into a small settlement Jhaite is like on a swing and leads through 3 passes. The profile is as follows:…
3 920 m / 12 861 ft
Hike Lo Manthang - Tsarang np

Hike Lo Manthang - Tsarang

Mustang trek5: Easy half-day trip from the capital of the Kingdom of Lo to the village Tsarang, beautiful place with Buddhist monastery, old fortress and…
3 575 m / 11 729 ft
Visit of Tsarang np

Visit of Tsarang

There is a great opportunity to enjoy this beautiful place after an easy half-day walk from Lo Manthang to Tsarang. Tsarang has many chortens, Buddhist temple …
3 825 m / 12 549 ft
Visit of Lo Manthang np

Visit of Lo Manthang

Lo Manthang is the capital of the ancient kingdom of Mustang. It offers some interesting gompas, royal palace, narrow streets and traditional houses. It is…
4 230 m / 13 878 ft
Hike Ghar Gumba - Lo Manthang np

Hike Ghar Gumba - Lo Manthang

Mustang trek 4: One day trek from Ghar Gumba over the pass Marang La (4 230 m asl), the highest point of the Mustang trek, leads to the royal town of Lo…
4 170 m / 13 681 ft
Hike Ghemi - Ghar Gumba np

Hike Ghemi - Ghar Gumba

Mustang trek 3: The entire trek through Upper Mustang is about overcoming a number of passes at a height of around 4,000 meters asl. Even this one-day stage is…
4 020 m / 13 189 ft
Hike Syangboche - Ghemi np

Hike Syangboche - Ghemi

Mustang trek2: The next day lasting stage of Mustang trek „pushes us a little“  to the maximum height of 4,020 meters above sea level. Wavy terrain with two…
3 830 m / 12 566 ft
Hike Chhusang - Syangboche np

Hike Chhusang - Syangboche

Mustang trek1: The first stage of Mustang trek tests the trekker with its elevation profile. There are several passes along the way, the highest of which is 3…
Upper Mustang np

Upper Mustang

It is the area that used to commercially connect Tibet and India in the history. Originally a number of small kingdoms were united and the seat moved to royal…
From Pokhara to Chhusang np

From Pokhara to Chhusang

It is usual to visit Nepal in autumn (October) or spring (April). But where go during the monsoon season in the summer months? The ideal is the trek around the…