The most famous beaches of Sri Lanka

The most famous beaches of Sri Lanka

Golden beaches in the south of Island

Sri Lanka – formerly known as Ceylon is famous mainly for its excellent tea and spices. There is, however, also beautiful beaches with golden sand mostly. The biggest, most famous and most accessible beaches are located at the very south of the island. The exception is Negombo, tactically lying only a short drive from the international airport. Beaches are in this list sorted by fame, not by their beauty and the beauty of their surroundings.

Mirissa beach
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#1 Mirissa beach

Romantic beach

Mirissa Beach is located in almost the southernmost place of Sri Lanka. It is a romantic beach in a beautiful half-circle bay with adjacent other small, "robinson" beaches. Although it belongs to the list of Sri Lanka's most famous beaches, it is relatively less visited than beaches situated more in the west of the island.

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