The most beautiful volcanoes of the world

The most beautiful volcanoes of the world

The most interesting volcanic peaks of the world

Volcanoes alwa­ys fascinated humanity with its beauty and danger. We have put together an overview of the beautiful volcanoes - both active and long-dead. You will find here the most beautiful, tallest, but also the most dangerous vol­canoes in the world

Nevado Sajama
-18.108, -68.883
6 542 m / 21 463 ft

#1 Nevado Sajama

The highest mountain in Bolivia

The massive volcano Nevado Sajama (6 542 m asl) is the highest mountain throughout Bolivia. Because it is a relatively easily accessible and walkable, it belongs among the favorite destinations of experienced tourists. In addition, its whole surroundings falls within the beautiful park of the same name, where you can make a lot of beautiful hikes.

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-18.164, -69.142
6 342 m / 20 807 ft

#2 Parinacota

The most beautiful volcano in the world

Among the most beautiful volcanoes of Bolivia and the whole world, there is, by a white cap decorated, Parinacota (6 342 m asl). Although the most fashionable exit trails lead to it from Bolivia, the most beautiful view is from the Chilean side of Lake Chungara. Together with the neighboring Pomerape Volcano (6,282m asl), they are called "two mountains" after the Payachata in Ayamu.

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-22.833, -67.883
5 960 m / 19 554 ft

#3 Licancabur

Volcanic lighthouse over lagoon Verde

One of the most typical Bolivian scenery is the view from the lagoon Verde of volcano Licancabur (5 960 m asl) lying directly on the border with Chile. Beautifully symmetrical volcanic cone rises to a height of nearly six thousand meters above sea level. Despite its height it belongs among simple hiking destinations.  

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Kilimanjaro - Uhuru
-3.067, 37.355
5 895 m / 19 341 ft

#4 Kilimanjaro - Uhuru

The highest mountain of Africa

Practically straight on the equator lies the highest mountain range of Africa - Kilimanjaro. Over the gigantic volcanic mass there are three volcanic peaks, of which Kibo is the highest. The highest point of Kibo is Uhuru (5,895m above sea level). This interesting mountain is famous for its snow cap, which, unfortunately, decreases every year.

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Volcano El Misti
-16.299, -71.406
5 822 m / 19 101 ft

#5 Volcano El Misti

Beautiful volcano over Arequipa

One of the most beautiful volcanoes in Perú is undoubtedly the El Misti volcano (5,822 m above sea level) towering over the city of Arequipa. Ascent to El Misti is one of the most popular excursions in this area.

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35.955, 52.11
5 610 m / 18 406 ft

#6 Dámavand

The highest volcano of Asia

Damavnad (5,610m) is not only the highest mountain in Iran, but also the highest volcano in Asia. Therefore, it is counted in the Volcanic seven summits list. Thanks to its relative proximity to Tehran's capital city, it is also very well accessible. The ascent itself is difficult mainly due to altitude and unstable weather.

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Volcano Popocatépetl
19.023, -98.627
5 426 m / 17 802 ft

#7 Volcano Popocatépetl

The most famous volcano of Mexico

Popocatépetl (5 426 m asl) is one of the most famous volcanoes all over the world. At the same time, it is the second highest mountain in Mexico and one of the most active and the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. For most of the time, the ascent to the top of this mountain is forbidden for safety reasons

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Volcano Great Ararat
39.702, 44.3
5 156 m / 16 916 ft

#8 Volcano Great Ararat

Biblical mountain

Great Ararat (5 156 m asl) / Agri Dagi / is not only a huge volcano, the highest mountain in Turkey, but also the biblical mountain, on which Noah and his ark should land during the great flood. It is easily accessible from the border town of Dogubayazit, where, however, are all the services extremely overpriced.

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#9 Mount Rainier National Park

The highest mountain in the state of Washington

Mount Rainier is the most dangerous volcano in the world (it is on the list of 16 most devastating volcanoes) and the highest mountain in the state of Washington with its 4,392m asl. The National Park was founded in 1899 and is the 5th National Park in the USA. The volcano retains large amounts of water in the form of glaciers.

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Volcano Erciyes Dagi
38.535, 35.451
3 917 m / 12 851 ft

#10 Volcano Erciyes Dagi

The highest mountain in Central Anatolia

Almost exactly in the center of Turkey rises over the great city of Kayseri a massive, almost five thousand meters high volcano Erciyes Dagi (3 917 m asl). The starting point to the mountain is from the ski resort (2 200 m asl) lying on the road Develi-Kaysei. The mountain itself has steep scree slopes, so that the final ascent is not very pleasant.

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Lanín Volcano
-39.637, -71.503
3 776 m / 12 388 ft

#11 Lanín Volcano

A mighty peak at the Chilean-Argentine border

The massive volcano Lanin (3,776 meters asl) is directly on the Chilean-Argentine border. Renowned mainly by its beautiful surroundings, which, however, due to remoteness is relatively little visited by tourists. Near the volcano you will find prehistoric araukaria trees, lakes, but also older mountain ridges partially littered with lava

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Fuji Volcano
35.361, 138.728
3 728 m / 12 231 ft

#12 Fuji Volcano

The highest mountain of Japan

Fuji volcano (3776m asl) is located on the largest island in Japan - Honshu. The volcano is well-accessible from the Tokyo. There are six access routes to the top. The bus arrives at the 6th station of each access road and from here, the peak goes down and back again in one day.

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Volcano Pico de Teide
28.272, -16.643
3 718 m / 12 198 ft

#13 Volcano Pico de Teide

The highest mountain in Spain

The Canary Islands belong more to Africa than Europe, and although there is the highest mountain of Spain - Pico de Teide (3718 m above sea level), which for about 250 meters altitude exceeds the highest mountain in the Iberian Peninsula and the "mainland" of Spain - Mulhacen (3479 m asl) . Teide volcano is absolutely dominant greatly exceeding their surroundings. Moreover, its peak lies only 13 km as the crow flies from the sea. Yet all this is only a small remnant of a giant volcano that exploded before 700,000 years ago and left her an enormous caldera diameter of fifteen kilometers, which now falls under the National Park of Las Canadas del Teide. According to some calculations, could have the original volcano and ten kilometers tall and would be the world's tallest mountain.

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Volcano Gunung Semeru
-8.108, 112.922
3 676 m / 12 060 ft

#14 Volcano Gunung Semeru

The highest volcano of Java Island

Gunung Semeru (3 676m) is one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes in the world. At the same time it is the highest mountain of the island of Java. The most famous views to Semeru are from the Bromo Volcano

Volcano Atitlán
14.583, -91.187
3 535 m / 11 598 ft

#15 Volcano Atitlán

The highest volcano at Lake Atitlan

Atitlan volcano (3 535 m asl) is indeed the highest mountain in the vicinity of Lake Atitlán, but thanks to a little worse accessibility and more difficult ascent it is less frequently visited than, for example, close volcano San Pedro. From the top is a beautiful view of the lake and many other volcanoes including very active volcanos Acetanengo and Fuego.

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Mount Agung
-8.343, 115.507
3 031 m / 9 944 ft

#16 Mount Agung

The highest mountain and the volcano of the island

Mount Agung is the highest mountain and the highest volcano on the island of Bali. Ascent to the volcano is quite demanding and is steep. There are two popular routes to the top, one shorter and one longer.

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Volcano Gunung Merapi
-7.541, 110.446
2 930 m / 9 613 ft

#17 Volcano Gunung Merapi

Deadly Volcano

The Gunung Merapi Volcano (2,930 m above sea level) is a popular tourist destination in Central Java - if it is not active. Merapi is one of the most active Indonesian volcanoes. There is a nice hiking trail to the top from the pass betwen Merbabu and Merapi volcanos.

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Villarica volcano
-39.421, -71.939
2 847 m / 9 341 ft

#18 Villarica volcano

Tourists favorite volcano at Pucón

Beautiful and especially still active, the Villarica volcano is without debate the largest dominant in Pucón region. Ascent to this volcano is the most popular and most challenging trip from this city. The views from the volcano and to the crater are really worth it.

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#19 Crater Lake national park

Romantic volcano

The Crater Lake National Park is located in Oregon in the Cascade Range and the visitor center can be found with a small post office, probably due to the Pacific Crest Trail. Which is the longest, heaviest and wildest trail in the whole of America. Crater Lake is a remnant of the erupted volcano whose caldera has a diameter of 9 km and has become a lake. The volcano is still active and creates a new volcanic cone.

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Ngauruhoe volcano
-39.157, 175.632
2 287 m / 7 503 ft

#20 Ngauruhoe volcano

Mount Doom

Perhaps the most famous volcano in New Zealand is Ngauruhoe (2,287m) known as Mount Doom, thanks to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is the largest dominant of the most beautiful one-day march on the North Island - Tongariro AlpineCrossing. Ascent to the top is not difficult even though it leads along the steep slope slopes.

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50.555, 13.931
837 m / 2 746 ft

#21 Milešovka

The highest mountain in the České Středohoří

Milešovka (837m above sea level) is a beautiful volcanic hill and the highest peak of the entire české Středohoří (Central Bohemian Uplands). At the same time it is considered to be the most windy mountain in the Czech Republic. Some days in the year are even seen alpine peaks from the top.

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