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The most beautiful places of Bohemian Karst

The best of the Bohemian Karst

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The most beautiful places of Bohemian Karst
Inserted: 01.08.2018
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To the southwest of the capital city of Prague is located, near the river Berounka, picturesque area of limestone and dolomites – Bohemian Karst. You will find here the largest Czech cave and probably the most famous quarry in the country – Velká Amerika. There is also a massive royal castle Karlstejn. However, there are much more interesting places.

Tetínské skály

Rocky view of Berounka

| Altitude: 234 m / 768 ft

At the northern end of the village Tetín, directly above the river Berounka, you will find a rock wall – the… continue reading


View of Tetin

| Altitude: 396 m / 1 299 ft

Damil (396 meters above sea level) is a hill with a nice view of the village of Tetin. At its foot you will… continue reading

Alkazar Quarry

Mysterious place near Berounka

| Altitude: 242 m / 794 ft

Alkazar Quarry is nowadays a favorite place for climbers. Own rock towering directly above Berounka looks… continue reading

Quarry Mexiko

The deepest quarry

| Altitude: 390 m / 1 280 ft

Quarry Mexico is situated next to the most famous quarry in Czech Karst – Velká Amerika („Great America“). It… continue reading

Quarry Malá Amerika

Small but nice quarry

| Altitude: 400 m / 1 312 ft

Quarry Malá Amerika („Little America“) is somewhat in the shadow of its bigger brother Velká Amerika, but it… continue reading

River Berounka

River of Křivoklátsko and the Czech Kars

| Altitude: 298 m / 978 ft

Berounka River belongs among the most important rivers of the Czech Republic (with its 140 km is the 11th… continue reading

Svatojánská rock wall

The best viewpoint of the Czech Karst

| Altitude: 327 m / 1 073 ft

In the picturesque village of sv. Jan pod Skalou is not just a Benedictine monastery. A great attraction is… continue reading

Koněprusy Caves

The longest cave system in Bohemia

| Altitude: 447 m / 1 467 ft

Koněprusy Caves are located in the PLA Český kras south of the district town of Beroun. They are a protected… continue reading

Quarry Velká Amerika

Beautiful quarry in Bohemia

| Altitude: 380 m / 1 247 ft

Quarry Velká Amerika („Great America“) attracts still more and more tourists because of its beautiful blue… continue reading

Karlštejn Castle

The most important Czech castle

| Altitude: 305 m / 1 001 ft

Karlštejn Castle located in the heart of picturesque Czech Karst is considered to be the most important Czech… continue reading


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