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The most beautiful places in Pakistan
Inserted: 20.12.2018
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Pakistan offers the most dramatic mountain scenery around the world. Besides the eight-thousanders mountains, you will find here the longest glaciers outside the polar region and the beautiful lakes and valleys. Besides natural wonders, there are several admirable sights.


The most beautiful outlook of Pakistan

| Altitude: 4 594 m / 15 072 ft

One of the most beautiful mountain views of the world is the Concordia camp at the confluence of the glaciers… continue reading

Attabad lake

The most beautiful lake in Pakistan

| Altitude: 2 341 m / 7 680 ft

Attabad lake in northern Pakistan confirms that mountains have their often dramatic life. It was founded only… continue reading

Hunza Valley

The most beautiful valley of Pakistan

| Altitude: 2 059 m / 6 755 ft

One of the most spectacular valleys of the world lies in northern Pakistan. Hunza river there broke through… continue reading

Badshahi mosque

The most beautiful mughal mosque

| Altitude: 218 m / 715 ft

One of the greatest jewels of the Mughal era is the Badshahi mosque, which you can visit in Lahore's old part… continue reading

Baltoro Glacier

Glacial highway covered with debris

| Altitude: 4 235 m / 13 894 ft

The Baltoro Glacier is with 63 kilometers of long one of the longest glaciers outside the Arctic region at… continue reading


An amazing place in North Pakistan

| Altitude: 2 491 m / 8 173 ft

Passu is just a small settlement on the upper reaches of the Hunza River. The surrounding countryside… continue reading

Trango Towers

Unreal rock towers

| Altitude: 5 276 m / 17 310 ft

The most difficult granite towers of the world are definitely Trango Towers, just off the Baltoro Glacier.… continue reading

Biafo Glacier

A glacier leading to the mysterious Snow Lake

| Altitude: 4 192 m / 13 753 ft

Biafo Glacier is one of the longest glaciers outside the Arctic region. It is 67 kilometers long and is… continue reading

Laila peak

The most beautiful spike of Karakoram

| Altitude: 6 096 m / 20 000 ft

Laila peak (6 096 m above sea level) is one of the iconic mountains of Karakoram. Not for your height, but… continue reading

Snow Lake

Mysterious lake in the heart of Karakoram

| Altitude: 4 714 m / 15 466 ft

Snow Lake is a gigantic high-altitude glacial basin at the top of the Biafo and Hispar glaciers in the heart… continue reading

Fairy meadows under Nanga Parbat

The most famous view of Nanga Parbat

| Altitude: 3 120 m / 10 236 ft

Fairy meadows under Nanga Parbat are perhaps the most famous sightseeing spot for this eight-thousander. And… continue reading

Ultar Meadows

Meadows high above the Hunza valley

| Altitude: 3 700 m / 12 139 ft

Highly over the valley of the Hunza River is located the beautiful Ultar meadows. Right behind you there are… continue reading

Rondu Canyon

The most beautiful canyon of the Indus river

| Altitude: 1 963 m / 6 440 ft

The river Indus (Sindhu) during its long journey through plateaus, Karakoram and Himalayas mountains flows… continue reading

Satpara lake

Iconic lake

| Altitude: 2 635 m / 8 645 ft

Only a short walk from the town of Skardu is the beautiful Lake Satpara. You will find it on the way to the… continue reading

Passu Glacier

18 km long glacier

| Altitude: 2 947 m / 9 669 ft

Only a short distance from the village of Passu is the scenic Passu Lake, where a huge glacier of the same… continue reading

Deosai plains

Pakistani Tibet


Deosai Plains is a high-laid plateau stretching between Karakoram and the Himalayas. For its average height… continue reading

Baltit Fort

The most famous fort in Pakistan

| Altitude: 2 441 m / 8 009 ft

Above the beautiful valley of Hunza stands in a tactical place, high above the river, the ancient Baltit… continue reading

Borith lake

Beautiful lake under the Ghulkin glacier

| Altitude: 2 646 m / 8 681 ft

One of the natural attractions of northern Pakistan is Borith Lake. You will find it only a short distance… continue reading

Khaplu Palace and Fortress

The jewel of mountain architecture

| Altitude: 2 663 m / 8 737 ft

In Khaplu, located above the famous Shyok River, you will find the treasure of mountain architecture – palace… continue reading


Capital of Pakistan

| Altitude: 572 m / 1 877 ft

Islamabad is a bit of a city that is artificially built and has no monuments compared to, for example,… continue reading

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