The most beautiful places in Morocco

The best of Morocco

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The most beautiful places in Morocco
Inserted: 11.01.2017
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Morocco, lying on the northwest outskirts of Africa, washed by both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic, is one of the most colorful countries in the world. You will find here amazing sand dunes, deep gorges or ancient towns. It is a country that few people visit only once in a lifetime.

Dunes of Erg Chebbi

The most famous Moroccan dunes

| Altitude: 736 m / 2 415 ft

World's largest desert Sahara extends even to Morocco. The local most beautiful and most visited dunes are… continue reading

Ait Ben Haddou

Antient city in south Morocco

| Altitude: 1 270 m / 4 167 ft

Unique and spectacular town whose history dates back to the 17th century was listed on the UNESCO list. The… continue reading

Dades Canyon

The most beautiful canyon in Morocco

| Altitude: 2 029 m / 6 657 ft

Dades canyon, punching his way through the High Atlas mountains and the Jebel Sarhro, among the most… continue reading

Ouzoud waterfall

The fairytale waterfall of northwest Africa

| Altitude: 775 m / 2 543 ft

More than 110 meters tall waterfalls Ouzoud in Morocco is a the most beautiful waterfall of northwest Africa. continue reading

Todra Gorge

The most famous Moroccan gorge

| Altitude: 1 661 m / 5 449 ft

The most famous Moroccan gorge is Todra. The high rock walls here, up to three hundred meters above the river… continue reading

Monkey fingers rocks at Tamellalt

Fairytale rock wall

| Altitude: 1 620 m / 5 315 ft

One of the most beautiful places in the valley of the Dades River is in the neighborhood of Tamellalt.… continue reading

Tineghir Oasis

An oasis of ten thousand palms

| Altitude: 1 372 m / 4 501 ft

At the southern end of the Todra gorge there is an impressive oasis filled with ten thousand palm trees and… continue reading

Jebel Toubkal

The highest mountain of North Africa

| Altitude: 4 167 m / 13 671 ft

Jebel Toubkal (4 167 meters above sea level) is not only the highest mountain of Morocco and the High Atlas,… continue reading

Serpentines in Dades Canyon

The most famous Moroccan bend

| Altitude: 1 791 m / 5 876 ft

Perhaps the most famous Moroccan road section is Serpentine in Dades Canyon. In these places the canyon is… continue reading


The Royal Town under Atlas Mountains

| Altitude: 468 m / 1 535 ft

Marrakech is the fourth largest city in Morocco. Thanks to its location under the slopes of the High Atlas… continue reading

Tizi-n-Tichka pass

The most famous mountain pass in Morocco

| Altitude: 2 260 m / 7 415 ft

Very popular tourist road linking Marrakech and Ouarzazate culminates in Tizi-n-Tichka pass (2260m asl). More… continue reading

Rock formations at Tafraoute

Granite fairy tale

| Altitude: 1 005 m / 3 297 ft

Tafraoute is the center of Antiatlas (Little Atlas). Its surroundings are renowned for its beautiful rock… continue reading


The beautiful ruins of the Roman city

| Altitude: 381 m / 1 250 ft

The ruins of the city of Volubilis are the most famous Roman monument in Morocco. Legends claim that it was… continue reading


Royal City

| Altitude: 526 m / 1 726 ft

The city of Meknes is one of the most interesting historical royal towns. The most famous monument is the… continue reading

Valley of the River Zíz

The monumental valley of the palm trees

| Altitude: 1 021 m / 3 350 ft

The whole valley of the Zź River is one of the largest Moroccan oases. From the viewpoint looks like a huge… continue reading


White city just off the Mediterranean Sea

| Altitude: 89 m / 292 ft

Tetuan is a major city in the north of Morocco. It is renowned for its historical white medina. There is also… continue reading

The road to Oukaimeden

Journey to the famous ski resort

| Altitude: 2 216 m / 7 270 ft

Oukaimeden (2 630m asl) is the most famous ski resort in Morocco. More than the local plateau and lifts to… continue reading

Hassam Addakhil Dam

Dam in Desert

| Altitude: 1 093 m / 3 586 ft

To the north of the town of Errachidia, they have covered the River Zíz and created the lake in an otherwise… continue reading


The blue City

| Altitude: 628 m / 2 060 ft

The city of Chefchaouen is in the north of Morocco, famous for its blue facades. It is located in the Ríf… continue reading

Dunes de Tinfou

Pocket Moroccan dunes

| Altitude: 669 m / 2 195 ft

Just a short distance from the main road on the rocky plain, you can see the pretty dunes of Tinfou. If you… continue reading

Cedars at the Col du Zad pass

Remnants of the original cedar wood

| Altitude: 2 188 m / 7 178 ft

In the vicinity of the famous Col du Zad pass (2 178 m above sea level) you can still find the remains of a… continue reading

Friouato Cave

Mysterious Cave in the Tazzeka National Park

| Altitude: 840 m / 2 756 ft

Practically in the center of Tazzeka National Park, located around the mountain of the same name, there are… continue reading

Natural rock bridge Imi-n-Ifri

Natural attraction at the Demnate

| Altitude: 1 061 m / 3 481 ft

Just a short distance from the town of Demnate you will find a great natural attraction – the Imi-n-Ifri Rock… continue reading

Dalia Beach

Beach with a view of Gibraltar

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Dalia is the beautiful bay almost directly opposite of Gibraltar. You can swimming here and enjoy the view on… continue reading

Tizi-n-Test Pass

Pass through the High Atlas

| Altitude: 2 098 m / 6 883 ft

One of the highest road passes in Morocco is the Tizi-n-Test (2 098 m above sea level) leading across the… continue reading

Tamri Beach

Favorite site for surfers

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

The beach at Tamri is popular among surfers. There are great waves and the surrounding cliffs of beautiful… continue reading

Dayet Lake

Lake just off the sand dunes

| Altitude: 698 m / 2 290 ft

Only four kilometers west of the most famous Moroccan dunes of Erg Chebbi is the seasonal Lake Dayet. Here… continue reading

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