The most beautiful lakes of Europe

The best of Europe's lakes

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The most beautiful lakes of Europe
Inserted: 23.06.2018
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Despite the fact that Europe is a very small continent, there are dozens of very beautiful lakes, especially in the Alpine region. Come and see the most beautiful of them

Lago di Resia lake

Famous Lake with Church Tower

| Altitude: 1 497 m / 4 911 ft

Lago di Resia or Reschensee is the dam ake in South Tyrol. It is famous not only for the picturesque… continue reading

Lago del Predil Lake

The largest lake in the Italian Julian Alps

| Altitude: 959 m / 3 146 ft

The beautiful Lake Lago del Predil (959m above sea level) is located in the Valle del Rio Valley. It is the… continue reading

Lake Brienz

Lake between the mountains

| Altitude: 564 m / 1 850 ft

Lake Brienz is one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland. It is also a great starting point for the… continue reading

Ovre Sjodalsvatnet Lake

Beautiful lake near Jotunheimen

| Altitude: 953 m / 3 127 ft

Lake Ovre Sjodalsvatnet is located just off Highway 51 leading east of the mighty Jotunheimen Mountains. From… continue reading

Gosausee lake

The most beautiful lake at Dachstein

| Altitude: 921 m / 3 022 ft

To the north of the famous Dachstein peak is one of the most beautiful lakes of the Salzkammergut – Gosausee.… continue reading

Rondvatnet lake

The most beautiful lake in the Rondane NP

| Altitude: 1 167 m / 3 829 ft

Lake Rondvatnet (1,155m above sea level) is the largest and most picturesque lake in the Rondane National… continue reading

Lake Bohinj

The largest lake in Slovenia

| Altitude: 527 m / 1 729 ft

Bohinj Lake is the largest lake in Slovenia. It is 4.35 km long and 1.25 km wide and the coast is 10.9 km… continue reading

Lago di Garda

The most beautiful Italian lake

| Altitude: 62 m / 203 ft

Lake Garda is the largest and perhaps the most beautiful Italian lake. It was excavated by glacier. It is… continue reading


Lake with Matterhorn

| Altitude: 2 758 m / 9 049 ft

Riffelsee is the lake below the famous viewpoint of Gornegrat at an altitude of 2,757m asl. In good and… continue reading

Königsee Lake

The most famous German lake

| Altitude: 603 m / 1 978 ft

Lake Königsee is located in the center of national park Berchtesgaden. Lake water belongs to the cleanest… continue reading

Lake Bled

The most beautiful lake of Slovenia

| Altitude: 476 m / 1 562 ft

Lake Bled, located in the north of Slovenia, is most famous and beautiful lake in this country. Thanks to the… continue reading

Lake Misurina

The famous lake in the Dolomites

| Altitude: 1 745 m / 5 725 ft

Lake Misurina is a large mountain lake situated in fairytale Dolomites. Thanks to the beauty of the… continue reading

Finstaler lake

The most beautiful dam in Austria

| Altitude: 2 330 m / 7 644 ft

Lake Finstertaler is a typical mountain dam with a small hydroelectric power plant. However, it is… continue reading

Plitvice Lakes

The most famous lakes of Europe

| Altitude: 523 m / 1 716 ft

Plitvice Lakes are the most famous national park in Croatia. You will find here beautiful lakes, wonderful… continue reading


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