The most beautiful areas of Bolivia

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The most beautiful areas of Bolivia
Inserted: 27.10.2020
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In Bolivia you will find a number of beautiful national parks and mountains. From volcanic peaks, colorful rocks, or salt plains and lagoons to the lush jungle of the Amazon. Bolivia is a very diverse country. Let's take a look at where to go for exploration

Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve

The most beautiful area of Bolivia


Southwest Altiplano is undoubtedly one of the most exciting areas that Bolivia and actually the whole South… continue reading

Sajama National Park

National Park with the highest mountain of Bolivia


Sajama National Park is without any doubt one of the most amazing places in Boliviais. From typical Altiplano… continue reading

Tupiza and the surrounding area

Wild West landscape in Bolivia


Tupiza (2,970m), located just seventy kilometers from the border with Argentina, is the center of an… continue reading

Maididi National park

A little different Amazon

| Altitude: 275 m / 902 ft

From the provincial town of Rurrenabaque, located at the southern end of the Amazonian Basin, you can go on a… continue reading

Titicaca and its surroundings

The most famous lake in South America


Lake Titicaca is located to the west of the massive Real Mountain Range. It is considered to be the highest… continue reading

Pampas del Yacuma

Bolivian Pantanal

| Altitude: 166 m / 545 ft

Amazon Basin does not provide only an impenetrable jungle, but also the vast pampas full of animals. The… continue reading

La Paz and surroundings

The center of Bolivia


The area around La Paz is relatively rugged – the city lies in a huge valley lined on one side by the… continue reading

Cordillera Real a Yungas

The most colorful part of Bolivia


The Cordillera Real is one of the most interesting parts of Bolivia. To the west of it is located the… continue reading

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