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The highest mountain ranges in the Czech Rep

The most beautiful mountain areas in the Czech Rep

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The highest mountain ranges in the Czech Rep
Inserted: 27.09.2019
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In the Czech Republic you will not find extremely high mountains. Those that have a height of over a thousand meters above sea level are considered high. We will focus on these here. The highest mountain range can be found mostly on the border of the country with neighboring states. Come and see the highest of them

The Giant Mountains

The highest mountains in the Czech repub


Picturesque Giant Mountains (in Czech called Krkonose) are the highest mountains in the Czech Republic and… continue reading

Hrubý Jeseník

The highest mountains of Moravia and Silesia


The Hrubý Jeseník Mountains are the highest mountains in Moravia and Silesia. The whole area belongs to the… continue reading

Králický Sněžník (mountain range)

The mountain range where the Morava River springs


Králický Sněžník is an independent mountain range near the Jeseníky Mountains, to which it is often assigned.… continue reading


A massive mountain range in the south of Bohemia


Šumava is located on the border between the Czech Republic and Germany (there is located its highest mountain… continue reading

Moravian-silesian Beskids

Onethousanders in the northeast of the Czech Rep.


The Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains are located in the northeast of the Czech Republic. The most… continue reading

Ore Mountains

The longest mountain range in the Czech Republic


The Ore Mountains, with a length of 130 kilometers, are the longest mountain range in the Czech Republic. It… continue reading

Rychlebské Mountains

Forgotten Mountains


Rychlebské Mountains are situated in Moravia and Silesia. They are overshadowed by the more famous and sought… continue reading

Jizera mountains

The kingdom for skiers and cyclists


Jizera Mountains are forested plateau grooved with flat ridges reaching only slightly over thousand meters… continue reading

Blanský les

Around the mountain Kleť


Blanský les is a mountain range and protected landscape area in one located between Šumava and České… continue reading

Czech forest

Wooded mountain range

| Altitude: 1 036 m / 3 399 ft

The Bohemian Forest is a densely forested mountain range on the western borders of the Czech Republic. Most… continue reading

Ještědsky ridge

Awesome outlooks to all sides


Sixty kilometers long Ještědsko-Kozákovský ridge works mainly as a perfect outlook of a lot of other… continue reading

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