10 the highest mountain ranges around the world

  • 1) Himalayas: Mount Everest (8848 m asl) /Nepal, Pakistan, India, China, Bhutan/
  • 2) Karakoram: K2 (8611 m asl) /Pakistan, China, India/
  • 3) Pamir: Kongur Tagh (7719 m asl) /Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan/
  • 4) Hindu Kush: Tirich Mir (7708 m asl) /Pakistan, Afghanistan/
  • 5) Hengduan: Gongga (7 556m asl) /China/
  • 6) Tian Shan: Pik Pobedy (7439 m asl) /Kyrgyzstan/
  • 7) Nyenchen Tanglha: Nyenchen Tanglha (7 162m asl) /China/
  • 8) Kunlun Mountains: Nan Pou (7167 m asl) /China/
  • 9) Andes: Aconcagua (6 962m n. m.) /Argentina/
  • 10) Alaska Range: Denali (6 194m asl) /USA/
1 442 m / 4 731 ft
Huángshān (黄山) cn

Huángshān (黄山)

The fascinating scenery of shapes, colors and forms is Huángshān (黃山, Yellow Mountains), a small area in Anhui Province, which has been the target of artists…
678 m / 2 224 ft
Outlook places around Jičín cz
Update: 05.04.2017

Outlook places around Jičín

If you like nice views without any bigger effort, then the trip around hills, mostly old volcanoes around Jičín, is ideal for you. In one day you can see both…
5 360 m / 17 585 ft
Trip to lake Pangong tso ld

Trip to lake Pangong tso

One of the nicest trips you can undertake in Ladakh, is to lake Pangong tso. Along the way you will cross more than five thousand meters above sea level high…
3 280 m / 10 761 ft
Hike across the pass Finailjoch at

Hike across the pass Finailjoch

Crossing of the pass Finailjoch (3 280 m asl) below the mountain Finailspitze (3 514 m asl) is no longer a classic trekking trip, since you can expect long…
3 550 m / 11 647 ft
Hike Through Janca Pampa to Pomabamba pe

Hike Through Janca Pampa to Pomabamba

Alpamayo BC Trek 7: The last stage of the trek leads through the picturesque valley of Janca pampa with stunning „back“ views of glaciated ridge of Pucajirca.…
4 806 m / 15 768 ft
Hiking around Leh ld

Hiking around Leh

If you arrive to Leh by air, it is ideal to acclimatize here to high altitude for at least two or three days. Moreover, in this case it is no loss of precious…
5 360 m / 17 585 ft
Drive over Chang la pass ld

Drive over Chang la pass

If you want to get to the stunning lake Pangong tso, one of the biggest attractions of Ladakh, then awaits you a long way over Ladack mountains culminating in…
3 680 m / 12 073 ft
Jomsom trek np

Jomsom trek

Jomsom trek leading through the valley of Kali Gandaki is basically a part of the trek Around Annapurnas walked from Tatopani to Jomsom or up to the pilgrimage…
5 530 m / 18 143 ft
Trip to Suge la pass tib

Trip to Suge la pass

Trip to pass Suge la with a beautiful view on the glacial peak of seven thousand high Qiongmo Kangri beautifully follows a trip to lake Namtso, but even so it…