Trek through Tunkin range

Through wild nature to healing springs

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Trek through Tunkin range
Inserted: 16.08.2014
Author: Jaroslav Málek ©

This relatively long trek in beautiful countryside of East Sayan in Russia leads mainly in uninhabited areas, with the exception of recreational resort in the valley of river Sumak, which lies roughly in the middle of the trek. Here are the healing springs of mineral water and you can stay here for a while and gather energy for further journey (or return back the same way). In addition to recreational resort (dearly paid) at the springs in the valley of Sumak, there are several log cabins on the other side of the river, where it is possible to sleep for free, however, if there is free place. Naturally, you shall leave the cabin at least in the same condition as when you arrived. Right at the cabins we can recommend the use of russian sauna or bath with radon water (also for free). 

1 to 4 day

From the settlement Nilova Pustyn (Nilovka) to the springs of Sumak

The starting point of the trek to the settlement Nilova Pustyn can be reached by road leading through Tunkin valley and turn right from the main road in the settlement of Turan. You will then walk to the camp Strelka, the ideal place for the first overnight stay.

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5 to 9 day

From the springs of Sumak to the settlement Arsan

More difficult part of the trek leads from the spa Sumak to the settlement Arsan. Along the way you will encounter several fords of rivers and Arsan pass.

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