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Travel Cambodia 2017
Inserted: 03.08.2018
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Visit Cambodia with a bunch of friends

Cambodia 2017

A bunch of friends on a trip

Cambodia 2017 departure from Prague 23.11. We fly via Dubai to Phonphen. Eight pieces are flying. In Dubai, a longer break, which we shortened in the black lounge. Arrival in Phonphen in the morning, two tuk-tuks are already waiting for us at the airport, which will take us to a hotel, which we have almost within reach of about 1 km. In the evening we will have a Cambodian dinner and their beer. After securing twin beds and a pleasant night, we go to breakfast and departure to the airport. We are checked in here and after an hour we land in Siem Reap. Once again, local means of transport await us, „TUK TUKy“ We have arranged accommodation in the Hostel. After a while of wandering, our drivers handed us over to the owners (Turks) in order. Here comfortable accommodation on bunk beds, four in one room. Price per person and day $ 5, breakfast $ 2 beer half a dollar. Very friendly staff. After exploring the immediate area, sleep and leave for sightseeing in the morning. Ankor, admission for one day to all temples $ 37. We only took a small circuit and we were still pleasantly tired in the evening. The company and transport were provided by the same fat people who brought us from the airport. We agreed on a price in advance and it was always around three dollars a day for one. In the evening, visit the night Siem Reap combined with dinner and then taste the local mixed drinks at the stalls with music boxes. The next day, a visit to the monuments in Siem Reap itself and a free day, which we usually filled with a tour of the local shops. 27.11 and we are going on a trip to the Mekong. Again with our Tuktukáři about 30 km. Along the way we see the country, manufactories and then the dock of cruise ships and we go for a ride on the river and a visit to the village on the water. Here are school apartments and just about everything in the village. In the village we are divided into small canoes and the grandmothers will take us among the trees and into the village. We will buy snacks and souvenirs along the way. After returning to the boat, we go to bathe in the lake, which begins behind the village and then back to the Tuktuky and the crocodile farm. In the evening again shops and the evening Siem Rep A we have 28 and fly to the port city of Sihanoukville. Ticket price about $ 80. We take two cars here and they take us on the coast to pre-ordered bungalows. Shipping $ 20 per car. Accommodation 50 m from the sea, which we do not enjoy much, because in the morning immediately after breakfast departure to the port and then speedboat to our island. Koh Rong Island, first we moved by speedboat to the main port 28 usd and then by a smaller vessel for 4 usd / person to the place where we will spend the rest of the trip, ie the last 5 nights. Sok San Resort, a pleasant place with several restaurants and bungalows. We sleep in pairs, each with a large bed with a mosquito net, very comfortable, finally without air conditioning, only with a fan. Breakfasts are continental or Cambodian and Vietnamese soup. All delicious and just $ 5 to $ 8. Morning trip on motorcycles, we get a simple map and we go. Very few tourists, the natives pleasant. Borrowing $ 15 with a full tank for the whole day (we agreed on 10). The next day of diving, max depth around the island 12 m, just fun, but we still leave, visibility up to 5 m, sometimes a little more but nothing much. Larger fish can be seen underwater, but the visibility. Just the South China Sea. Price for two dives $ 70 incl. Equipment. In the evening visit to the pub and for us the whole fish about 12 kg. $ 4.5. Very nice host we agree on the next day that we want tuna and was, the price the same. The next day we argue about the boat trip around the whole island, the beauty, snorkeling, swimming the big wave on the windward side, just a fairy tale. The next day, motorcycling, while crossing the island over the mountains, we felt like we were in a six-day run. We end and drive back to Sihanoukville and by car for 8 passengers to Phon Phen. Here we stay in private (very beautiful) for $ 7 and in the evening visit the Titanic restaurant and the next day a city tour and evening departure. Ticket 12 thousand, accommodation up to $ 60, flights up to $ 200. Accommodation via airbnb and agooda.

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