Beaches on the island Malolo

The largest island in the Mamanuca

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Malolo is the largest island in the group of islands Mamanuca and it is situated quite close to Nadi (hour boat ride), so it is relatively accessible to tourists. But even so there are fortunately no crowds of tourists here. The main reason is that there are only four small resorts located on the southwest side of the island. In addition, they are also quite far from each other and they do not have very big accommodation capacity, There are nice views of the surrounding islands from Malolo, especially on Wadigi island – both from the beach and from the high (considering local conditions) inland hills. The most popular activities on the island are swimming, relaxing in hammock and kayaking. There are several possible kayaking trips – between the resorts, to the abandoned wreck or to the shoal between Malolo and Wadigi. The more adventurous people can go to the opposite island Casteway.

Welcome to the island

Very pleasant is the local tradition to welcome the newly arrived tourists with singing and playing. Couples on honeymoon come here quite often and there is usually a festive dinner or special suites prepared for them.


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Likuliku Lagoon

Previously abandoned large bay Likuliku on the westernmost point of the island is now home to the most expensive accommodation on Malolo. Employees of the resort does not like not here accommodated people staying on the beach, even if they just want to relax for a while during the kayaking trip.


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Likuliku Lagoon II.

Likuliku Bay at the southern end looks fortunately still pretty deserted.


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Likuliku resort

Nowadays trendy accommodation on stilts directly towering from the sea is unfortunately not as aesthetic as bungalows discreetly hidden in the jungle.

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Malolo Island Beach

Probably the best ratio of " price / performance " in Malolo gives Malolo Island Resort – it is possible to swim even at low tide, which is an advantage compared e.g. with the cheapest resort Funky Fish where at low tide remains just a wallow or Walu Beach, where swimming may be possible, but the water is too shallow.


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Malolo Island Beach II.

Utter peace reigns at the half-empty beach in this resort.


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Walu Beach

There are beautiful sunsets above the opposite island Wadigi from resort Walu Beach and at the same time it's a good starting point for trips into the interior.


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Accommodation at Walu Beach

Accommodation at Walu Beach is romantic and every visitor has a pretty big privacy.

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View through the vegetation

Walu Beach bungalows are separated from the beach by lush vegetation.


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Late afternoon after the storm

Storms always clean air in Pacific and late afternoon sun lights the landscape beautifully.

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