A busy weekend in Hallstatt

How to see as much as possible from around Hallstatt

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A busy weekend in Hallstatt
Inserted: 28.11.2019
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Hallstatt is not just an icon of Austria in a valley surrounded by mountains and a lake. It hides much more. It is beautiful to walk through narrow streets and enjoy the atmosphere, but it has much more to offer. Such as the salt mines, which are famous all over the world, be sure not to forget the river Waldbach, which is looking for a way through the Alpine mountains, look into caves such as the Dachstein Ice Cave or more to the heavens with a view of 5 fingers. All this can be done in the weekend.

A busy weekend in Hallstatt

The journey from our republic takes from 3 to 8 hours by car. It depends on which of us lives where. But there is also a lot of bus transport and then also by train, but it is necessary to count on a ferry across Lake Hallstatt or then go around the lake by bus. If the trip is within 5 hours of the trip, I recommend setting off on the district roads. Austria is a beautiful country of natural scenery and really worth a stop or take a relaxing walk. In addition, the road is often empty and the permitted speed of 100 km / h is quite sufficient. However, it is necessary to take into account that at the weekend in most cities, petrol stations are closed and some have petrol machines. So better to guard the tank and the prices of materials are the same or cheaper than in the Czech Republic. Day 1 – It is to travel to Hallstatt and stay. Options are in a hotel, boarding house or in the Hallstatt car camp, which costs around CZK 300 / night. I would use the rest of the day to tour Hallstatt. Take a walk along the waterfront, visit the famous ossuary for 1 Euro. take a walk to the lookout points, which are also marked on Overcrowding must be taken into account. Day 2 – If I am not bothered so much by finances, it is possible to visit the Salt Chamber, see. article But it is necessary to count that the price per person is about 1000–1200 CZK including the cable car. Unfortunately, it probably won't be cheaper. But it is possible to take the cable car for about 250–300 CZK, where you do not forget the view of the Skywalk and continue around the Salt Chambers to the river Waldbach. Cascades of waterfalls are formed here, see. article this tour is about 15km and is just for the whole day, when it is combined with a tour of the Salt Chamber. Day 3 – Cross to Obertraun in the morning. The first cable car runs around 8:40 and here I recommend the return, which costs about 900 CZK. Here you can also buy a ticket to the Dachstein Ice Cave or the Mammoth Cave. I recommend the first see. article. The tour lasts about 1 hour and the cable car is about 15 minutes walk. Or omit this beauty cave and go straight for 5 fingers. It is a slight half hour to the view from the cable car. Beautiful panoramas open here, see. article. My estimate is the possibility to get down to the car by cable car with everything around 13–14 hours. Then again, there are some 3–8 hours to go home.

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