Oman om
The most beautiful countr of the Arabian peninsula


Oman is located at the southeastern end of the Arabian Peninsula and is considered to be the most beautiful country in the region because of its natural beauty…
13 m / 43 ft
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque om

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is monumental modern building constructed of marble. Renowned is by a huge chandelier and Persian carpet. Thanks to the massive…
25 m / 82 ft
Heddal Stave Church no

Heddal Stave Church

The Heddal Stavkirke (Stave Church) is considered to be probably the most beautiful wooden church in Norway. It is certainly the biggest one. Like other…
The most beautiful sights of Asia

The most beautiful sights of Asia

Asia is a continent amazingly rich in monuments. Over the ages, many great empires, cultures and religions have been replaced. Come and see the most beautiful…
719 m / 2 359 ft
Registan Square uz

Registan Square

The center of ancient Samarkand is Registan Square. The square is surrounded by three beautiful madrasas: Ulugh Beg Madrasah, Tilya-Kori Madrasah and Sher-Dor…
629 m / 2 064 ft
Kok Gumbaz Mosque uz

Kok Gumbaz Mosque

Kok Gumbaz Mosque is one of the most famous monuments in the famous city in Silk Road – Buchara. Right next to is the famous Kaylan minaret.
443 m / 1 453 ft
Hawa Mahal Palace in

Hawa Mahal Palace

Hawa Mahal Palace is one of India's most famous buildings. You will find it in the „Pink City“ of Jaipur, the capital of the desert state of Rajasthan. The…
49 m / 161 ft
Hagia Sofia tr

Hagia Sofia

Hagia Sofia – The Temple of God's Wisdom was the largest cathedral in the world for nearly a thousand years. It was rebuilt to a mosque and then to a museum.…
The most beautiful places in Nepal np

The most beautiful places in Nepal

Nepal is the dream of any trekking and mountaineering lover. You will find amazing mountain views, glacier lakes or harsh canyons of Himalayan rivers. There…
1 336 m / 4 383 ft
Bhaktapur np


Bhaktapur, located only a short distance east of Kathmandu, is due to its historic center, taken as the most beautiful city of Nepal. You will find here…
3 620 m / 11 877 ft
Phoksundo Lake np

Phoksundo Lake

Lake Phoksundo, located in the Shey Phoksundo National Park, is considered to be the most beautiful Nepalese lake. It lies at a high altitude of over 3,600…
3 570 m / 11 713 ft
Tsarang np


Tsarang (sometimes written as Charang) is a Buddhist town set in the magical landscape of Upper Mustang. A beautiful gompa rises above the city, and there are…
1 314 m / 4 311 ft
Patan np


Patan was formerly a separate royal city, today it is essentially just the southern suburb of Kathmandu. The Durbar Square is a great showcase of Newara…
1 109 m / 3 638 ft
Gorkha np


Gorkha was the most important city in Nepal. Now it is a sleepy city where you barely find a tourist since the beginning of the Manaslu trek became from…
The most beautiful cities in the world

The most beautiful cities in the world

There are many cities in the world that will captivate you with historical or modern architecture. Many of them are laid in the breathtaking landscape. In some…