9 m / 30 ft
Aveiro pt


Aveiro is a seaside town in the north of Portugal. Thanks to the waterways it is called the Portuguese Venice. Typical are here "Azujelos" - tiled facades
87 m / 285 ft
Porto pt


Porto is the second largest, but the most beautiful portuguese city, with a picturesque location above the Douro River. You will find here many sights such as…
49 m / 161 ft
Cape St. Vincent pt

Cape St. Vincent

Cabo de Sao Vicente (Cape St. Vincent) is the most southwestern part of mainland Europe. Outside of the huge beacon you will find a huge reef. Since the…
14 m / 46 ft
Jerónimos Monastery pt

Jerónimos Monastery

Monasterio de los Jerónimos - The Jeronimos Monastery is situated in the suburb of Lisbon in Belém. It is an impressive building in the Renaissance Manuele…
476 m / 1 562 ft
Pena Palace pt

Pena Palace

Pena Palace (Palácio Nacional da Pena) is one of the most important romantic buildings in Europe. He is situated on a high hill high above the city of Sintra.…
214 m / 702 ft
Sintra Palace pt

Sintra Palace

In Sintra you will find two royal palaces. Although the palace of Pena is more famous today, in the palace of Sintra lived royal family for several hundred…
545 m / 1 788 ft
Lammerklamm gorge at

Lammerklamm gorge

On the Lammer River you will find, among other things, a truly gorgeous gorge - Lammerklamm. The hiking trail is built in a steep rock wall. The Lammer River…
The most beautiful alpine gorges

The most beautiful alpine gorges

In the Alps you will find a number of beautiful gorges, often fortunately accessed by a tourist walkway. Come and see the most beautiful of them.
618 m / 2 028 ft
Lichtensteinklamm gorge at

Lichtensteinklamm gorge

Lichtensteinklamm gorge is one of the biggest natural attractions of the Hohe Tauern and the Salzburg region respectively. The gorge is located near the town…
18 m / 59 ft
Trevi Fountain it

Trevi Fountain

The Baroque Trevi Fountain is one of the most visited Roman monuments. It is considered to be the most beautiful fountain in the world. Built in the 18th…
7 821 m / 25 659 ft
Masherbrum pk


Masherbrum (7,821m) rises above the Baltoro glacier and its original name was K1. It is up to the ninth highest mountain of Pakistan, but certainly one of the…
The most beautiful mountains in the world

The most beautiful mountains in the world

To choose from the tens of thousands of mountains the most beautiful is a really difficult and highly subjective task. What do you say about our selection?
6 993 m / 22 943 ft
Machapuchare np


Machapuchare (6,993m) does not belong to the highest mountains of Nepal, but certainly to the most beautiful. Her nickname is "fish tail" from one angle of…
2 092 m / 6 864 ft
Chongsheng Temple cn

Chongsheng Temple

Chongseng Temple (2 150m above sea level) is a truly monumental pavilion. The length is almost two kilometers long. It is built in a beautiful location between…